Outrage in Nigeria after illegal removal of Chief Justice by desperate President, just weeks to election Updated for 2021


Updated: March 4, 2021

Outrage erupted in Nigeria on Friday after the President removed the country’s Chief Justice just weeks to a presidential election on February 16.

Below are some of the reactions

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Former Vice President and Presidential Candidate Atiku Abubakar

 The purported suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria by President Muhammadu Buhari, is an anti democratic act which I reject in its entirely and call on Justice Onnoghen and the judiciary to resist with every legal and constitutional means that they can muster.

This brazen dictatorial act is the latest action in the ongoing rape of our nation’s hard earned democracy by those who dined with anti democratic forces, and is symptomatic of the increasing desperation that President Buhari and the cabal pulling the strings have as February 16, 2019 draws near. 

The fact that the unlawful suspension of Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen was announced just as it became public knowledge that the CJN was constituting the election petition tribunals is not lost on discerning Nigerians and the international community. This act of desperation is geared towards affecting the outcome of the 2019 Presidential elections.Indeed, it is not just the CJN that has been “suspended”, it is the Nigerian Constitution that has been infracted and, in effect, suspended, under the guise of the suspension of the CJN.

The case involving the legality or otherwise of the charges against Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen is in court, as it should be. So far, the judiciary has ruled in Justice Onnoghen’s favour. So, why not allow the court to adjudicate on the matter? What is the pressing urgency? 

I want to seize this opportunity to call for unity amongst the judiciary. Do not let the Muhammadu Buhari administration divide you. Do not let this government turn you against yourselves. The judiciary is the last hope of the common man and the defender of our democracy.

I also urge the international community to follow the commendable example of the United States and the United Kingdom by intervening to make those involved in this undemocratic act know that their actions will have consequences. Strong consequences. 

And to the Nigerian electorate, I call on you to save your beloved country from dictatorship by voting against President Muhammadu Buhari’s desperate war against the judiciary. Our country is falling apart under the leadership of President Buhari and it is time to stand up for democracy.

Former Minister Fani Kayode

When I warned my colleagues in the opposition that we were dealing with a fascistic monster in Buhari they did not believe me, they laughed me to scorn and accused me of being an alarmist. Well I doubt they are laughing anymore. 

For a President in a democracy to suspend the CJN is totally unacceptable, a clear breach of the rule of law and the constitution and a manifest violation of the principle of separation of powers. If anyone thinks that we are practising democracy in Nigeria that person needs to have their heads examined. 

The result of the February 16th election has already been determined and Buhari will declare himself President for life. 

I call on the Senate President and the Speaker of the House to stop playing games to show courage and to begin impeachment proceedings against Buhari. 

That is the only way to stop this man from totally destroying our country and leading us to a civil war that may never end.

Comrade Timi FrankFormer Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the APCAbuja.

Former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Timi Frank has called on the international community to urgently prevail on President Muhammadu Buhari to reverse illegal and forceful suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Justice Walter Onnoghen.

In an email Frank sent to the United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA) and the European Union representatives in Nigeria, on Friday night, he insisted that Buhari has by the suspension and swearing-in of an Acting CJN has set a dangerous stage for massive disobedience to law and order which may lead to an unfathomable chaos, anarchy and an imminent descent to a civil war in the country.

He called on Nigerians and the international community to know that illegally suspending Onnoghen, Buhari has just began the implementation of his NEXT LEVEL AGENDA.

He insisted that the dictatorial actions of the President in undermining the judiciary has portents unimaginable implications for the nation’s democracy. 

“Buhari has just executed a coup against democracy in Nigeria and kick-started fascism in the country,” he stated, even as he called on Nigerians to rise up and defend democracy with every resource at their disposal.

Frank, who was responding to the suspension of Justice Walter Onnoghen and the swearing-in of Justice Tanko Mohammed from Bauchi state to act as the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) said the President has practically drawn a battle line between him and the people of the Niger Delta in particular and Southern Nigeria in general.

The political activist added that the President Buhari has further  confirmed fears in the minds of many Nigerians that the President was out to simply remove Onnoghen so as to perfect a rigging plan ahead of the forthcoming election.

He reminded Nigerians and the world how a former Director General of the DSS, from tne same South-south region was removed because he was neither Hausa, Muslim or from the North.

“I’m using this opportunity to call on the youth, leaders and Elder in the Niger Delta to come to the realisation that Buhari hates Christians and does not love the people of the region.

“I also call on Nigerian Christian leaders to realise that this President has perfected plans to sack all the Christians holding critical positions in his cabinet.

“I’m using this medium to tell the international community to, as a matter of urgency prevail on Buhari to reverse this decision. 

“The international community should also know that if any crisis erupts in the country today, especially in the Niger Delta, the President should be held responsible and made to face charges at the International Criminal Court (ICC) because his Hausa/Fulani ethnic agenda would may lead the country to war.”

According to Frank, President Buhari was quick to illegally and unilaterally suspend Justice Onnoghen but has yet to act on the multi-billion Naira NEMA scandal involving the Vice President, the MTN scandal involving his Chief of staff, grass cutting scandal involving the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, bribe taking video involving the Kano state governor, and many other corruption allegations replete in his cabinet.

Frank said: “Buhari is desperate to hang on to power by rigging the presidential election because if it is through voting, it is clear Nigerians have reject him.
“By this action, it means that the opposition will never get justice at the Supreme Court.”

The Bayelsa-born activist however, said that former President Olusegun Obasanjo has been vindicated when he described the Buhari’s government as a return of the Abacha Era.


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