July 25, 2024

Pete Buttigieg: U.S. should lead the world in transportation infrastructure, not catch up

Transportation Secretary-designate Pete Buttigieg on Wednesday said the United States should “be leading the world when it comes to transportation infrastructure, not catching up.” 

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Wednesday morning where he discussed his historic nomination and the “enormous opportunity” to build back better at the Department of Transportation, Buttigieg said transportation is “a massive opportunity.”

Buttgieg talked about his goals at the Department, including safe transportation, creating jobs, fighting for equity in transportation policy, taking on climate change, and respecting the career officials who work hard everyday to serve the American people at the Department.

“Americans in red and blue and purple communities, urban, and rural, see what’s at stake and are looking forward to a day we would be really proud of American travel, transportation, and infrastructure,” he said, adding “Think about the other goals and values we can pursue…climate, equity, and jobs.” 

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