Podcast: IMF economist Papa N’Diaye explains why failure to contain COVID-19 in sub-Saharan Africa will be catastrophic

Failure to contain the spread of the virus in sub-Saharan Africa will have catastrophic economic, health and humanitarian consequences.

Sub-Saharan Africa is facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis that threatens to reverse much of the development progress it’s made in recent years.

The latest Regional Economic Outlook shows the economy will contract by 1.6 percent this year; the worst reading on record.

Papa N’Diaye is Head of Research in the IMF’s African Department that publishes the outlook. In this podcast, N’Diaye says by the end of 2020, the region will face income losses of about $200 billion relative to what they were expecting 6 months ago.

Papa N’Diaye, Heads the Regional Studies Division in the IMF’s African Department.

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