June 12, 2024

President Biden Nominates Renowned Oncologist Dr. Monica Bertagnolli as Director of the National Institutes of Health

Dr. Monica Bertagnolli
Dr. Monica Bertagnolli

In a pivotal move for the biomedical sector, President Biden today announced his intention to nominate Dr. Monica Bertagnolli, a world-class surgical oncologist and cancer researcher, as Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Known globally as a leading biomedical research organization, the NIH is set to gain a powerful advocate for advancing medical knowledge and promoting human health.

President Biden praised Dr. Bertagnolli’s extensive contributions to the field of medicine, stating, “Dr. Bertagnolli has spent her career pioneering scientific discovery and pushing the boundaries of what is possible to improve cancer prevention and treatment for patients, and ensuring that patients in every community have access to quality care.”

Currently serving as the Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Dr. Bertagnolli stands as the first woman to have taken on this role. Her experience and accomplishments are impressive and extensive, spanning from her tenure as the Richard E. Wilson Professor of Surgery in the field of surgical oncology at Harvard Medical School to her position as a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

She has also contributed her expertise to the Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment and Sarcoma Centers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Her ability to navigate the complexities of these prestigious positions speaks volumes about her exceptional leadership abilities and her dedication to the medical field.

Her collaborative approach to medicine and research has led to transformative changes in the data infrastructure for clinical cancer research. As the group chair of the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology and the Chief Executive Officer of Alliance Foundation Trials, LLC, she has been instrumental in conducting international cancer clinical trials, with a focus on extending these crucial studies to rural communities.

President Biden further highlighted Dr. Bertagnolli’s contributions, stating, “As Director of the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Bertagnolli has advanced my Cancer Moonshot to end cancer as we know it. She has brought together partners and resources from different sectors to launch groundbreaking efforts in cancer prevention and early detection.”

Dr. Bertagnolli’s roots can be traced back to her parents, who were first-generation Italian and French Basque immigrants. Raised on a ranch in southwestern Wyoming, she took her early steps into the world of science with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from Princeton University before attending medical school at the University of Utah.

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