President Buhari reacts to Imo State Supreme Court ruling that sacked Emeka Ihedioha and enthroned Hope Uzodinma


President Muhammadu Buhari finally reacted to the ruling on Tuesday that sacked PDP’s Emeka Ihedioha and replaced him with APC’s Hope Uzodinma.

Mr. Buhari commended the Supreme Court for serving justice and congratulated Hope Uzodinma.

In a statement issued by presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu, on Wednesday, Mr Buhari said: “The road to justice may be long and tortuous, but it is the best path for anyone aggrieved.

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“Under the new administration, a new journey to build a new Imo with new energy is about to begin. In this outcome, it is the people of Imo State who have emerged victorious,” he added.

President Buhari called on Uzodinma to promote the ideals of the APC and run an inclusive government.


President Buhari reacts to Imo State Supreme Court ruling that sacked Emeka Ihedioha and enthroned Hope Uzodinma
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  1. Prez Buhari is bias he dont know what he is doing his misdemeanor towards nigeria judiciary is too much,

    how corrupt man like Hope uzodimma who took fourth place in governorship imo state became first. Prez Buhari allah will judge with your zoo supreme court, you will die natural death with hope Uzodimma, the land of Imo state will use death to strike Hope Uzodimma, swine Buhari how can peace be in Imo state since you stolen the mandate of Ndi Imo state to hand it over to your dog, Buhari Land of Nigeria will strike you to death, you will not see end of this year, In Jesus Name Amen.

  2. Democracy is being brutally raped on a daily basis in Nigeria under the Buhari administration. For the Supreme Court Justices who did this, i know you were coerced, threatened and probably blackmailed to do this but it would have been better for you to run away from Nigeria on political asylum and refuse to be associated with this indelible charade than have your names go down in history for being associated with this mess. It’s a pity!

  3. It’s very abashed to the country called Nigeria for open injustice with out remorse…My Nigeria is turning into banana republic…Abeg international organisations come to our aide…


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