Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, the Nobel Peace Prize winning dictator of Ethiopia


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  1. Daniel says:

    I am sorry that Today News Africa is nothing but usher of unreliable Amnesty International. In the first place Abiy Ahmed was the one who released the currently detained members of the brutal OLF from prison so that they can democratically participate in the nation’s politics. However, what they did was start agitating ethnicity. Of course that is their right though not acceptable by the majority of Ethiopians including Oromo people. Abiy didn’t say anything because expressing their view in any way is ok. Afterwards they took it to the next level and raised ethnic violence, blocked roads, killed, looted people who did not belong to Oromo. Abiy patiently deliverd a message to the so called OLF activists and leaders stop initiating violence. They wouldn’t listen to him and again took hostage of ethnic Amhara University students. Dear Amnesty and Today News Africa, I don’t think this is way of expressing political view while violating basic human rights of other citizens.

  2. Addis says:

    “Abiy is turning Ethiopia into a violent dictatorship” my foot. Your incredibly lopsided view of matters on the ground, with total unregard of outstanding facts that are so obvious even for outsiders who can do a little Googling on Ethiopia is shameless. This article is at best an unapologetic show of ignorance, and at worst an evil craft with a hidden agenda. Good to know where your standards in journalism rest, Today News Africa.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Prosperity Party cadres are doing exactly what the dictatorial TPLF cadres used to do: shred to pieces an accuser, victimize everyone and laud how much Ethiopia is in need of them. This piece, above, may have been a bit certain its conclusion, while the fear of Abiy Ahmed—Nobel Peace Laureate 1919—is not far from the truth. If fact, I dare say, given the rogueness of the security, civilians in Ethiopia–especially those suspected of not being Abiy loyalists are likely to face all dangers coming from them. PM Abiy Ahmed, the Nobel Peace Prize winning dictator of Ethiopia is apt description of the person, who is evolving to fit that stature on a day by day basis!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am really ashamed of this writer you don’t know Ethiopia and Ethiopians please keep your mouth shut “Ethiopians will continue with their prosperous leader Dr. abiy
    realy “

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dr. abiy the best leader in africa

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dr. abiy the best leader in africa

  7. Mark says:

    Please don’t take this guy seriously! This is a dude who lives in a basement somewhere in Washington DC, who copy and paste recycled unconfirmed information written by other bloggers. Thanks to wordpress, every idiot is a journalist these days. This clown never invested time or resources to travel to Ethiopia and research situations first hand. Why? Because he can not afford to! I don’t trust news and analysis from a guy who tries to hustle people of $150 in how to teach people install jetpack plugin to a wordpress website. Honestly any 9 year old can do!

    Stick to your Nigerian peanut gallery and leave Ethiopia alone. Abiy is not perfect by all means, but calling him a dictator tells me that you have no clue why are these violence and arrests are occurring in some part of Ethiopia.

    Jumping on the “Abiy doesn’t deserve the Noble Peace Prize” bandwagon is already recycled news since the day he accepted it. Smearing Abiy is not going to help you increase your site traffic but investing time and publishing quality material will win you loyal reader, but for now, you’re just another hustler on wordpress!

  8. Roorrisa says:

    The dictatorship position of Dr. Abiy Ahimed, a prim mister of Ethiopia is more than what written in this article. What he is doing leads the country to fall state. More than 20,000 of Oromo youth are in jail or in military camp. Innocent civilians in Guji, Borana, Wallega and west shoa are dying every day and their hoses are burnt down by Dr. Abiy’s military. What this author has exposed in very, very minor to explain the situation on the ground. However, international community should know Oromo people will not leave this arrogance on the innocent civilians.
    Thank you the author Simon Ateba!

  9. Kiflu says:

    it is absolutely true that Abiy Ahmed has turned into a brutal dictator endangering Ethiopia. It shows how western countries are naive thinking that the guy is anything but a smiling thug. The Nobel peace prize continues to be how detached the fools handing it out. Pray for the people of Ethiopia.

  10. Um says:

    Dr. Abiyyi is killing innocent people and burning thier body. Lost of the Oromia regional state is under state of emergency whithout the knowlege of the parlament! He is the worest dictotor! Ikilling, and extraduciary arrest (more than 10,000) becoming normal in the country.

  11. Abbiishuu says:

    OMRHO Human Rights General Report for 2019 Content
    An Over View ………………………………………………………………..1 I)Extra/Judicial Killings by Region…………………………………….2 – 19 II) Rape, Burning Villages, Persons and Properties. ………..20 – 24 III) Arbitrary Arrests and Mass Detention………………………..24 – 29 IV) Oromo University Students are under Attack……………….30 -35 V) The Case of Non-Amharas in the Amhara Region…………..35-39 VI) Religious Intolerance in the Amhara Region………………………39 VI) Conclusion……………………………………………………………………40

    Human Rights Abuses Committed by the Ethiopian Army in Different Parts of Ethiopia
    OMRHO presents the state of Human Rights in Ethiopia since the incumbent group came to power. To enable the reader to comprehend the extent of brutality committed on the people by the Ethiopian Government, OMRHO tries to show the diverse methods of inhumanity exercised on the people. The atrocity encompasses extra-judicial killings, mass detentions, arrests without court warrants, burning people live in their homes, burning properties including farmers’ crops on the field, illegal confiscation of private properties like coffee beans ready for markets, sexual abuses on minors and housewives, etc..
    This Report claims by no means a complete coverage of Human Rights abuses in the Empire as:
     people are detained in military camps and in hidden places as opposed to official prisons,
     arrests and detentions are arbitrary and without court warrants,
     relatives get no information as to where their imprisoned relatives are,
     relatives asking for their relatives face dangers of arbitrary arrests, abuses
    etc.. and
     lack of access and capacity to cover comprehensively.
    For the sake of technical ease, OMRHO structures the report so as to make the atrocity as well the spatial distribution comprehendible.

    I) Extra-Judicial Killings
    Gujii Zone:
    23/12/2018: Kuulii Duuloo (70 years old woman ) was killed by the Ethiopian Army on 23/12/2018 in Dugdaa Daawaa District, Fincaa town .
    Kuulii Duuloo, Age 70
    Jiloo Biiftuu, Age 75, was also killed in Fincaa town on 23/12/2018
    Jiloo Biiftuu, Age 75

    Badhaatuu Halaakee(F), was killed in Gujii, Fincaa town 23/12/2018
    Badhaatuu Halaakee was a Student, preparatory(10+2)
    On 28/12/2018 the following people were killed in Dugda Daawaa District. Badhaane Hoxeesa(abiddaan gubate)
    Waajii Qilxaa Mixoo Tushuu Shunee Saafayii Gobuu Sharduu
    Diidoo Mokkona
    Kuulii Turee (jaartii ummurii 80) Badhaatuu Halakee
    Guyyee Tukee
    Abdii Muhaamadi
    Naasiri Jamaal
    On 28/12/2018 the Ethiopian Army arbitrarily killed several people in Galaana District, Shamoolee Shiidaa vilage. Some of the names are:
    Uddeesa Boruu Kooyyo( 1 & 2 are spouse)
    Shuboo Duubee Jiloo
    Dullacha Barbaado Bariiso Godaanaa Danbii Xilahuu Waataa Sheddoo Balayi Alamaayyo Diidoo

    Diiduu Diida Soraa( a pregnant woman was killed and left for wild beast). Goobana Qorxitee
    Dukkalee Goobana Qorxitee (8 & 9 are father and son)
    Nagawoo Dhaqaboo Diimaa
    Iyaasuu Bonee Olyaadee
    Akkililuu Udeesa Areerrii was killed in Birbirsa Kojjo ́aa District, Eelaa Diimaa village and his corpse was draged by a military vehicle.
    Abbatii Shabulaa Adoola ( 8 years old boy) and
    Siidaa Danbii Iyaa were killed by the Ethiopian army on 03/08/2018 in Dugdaa Daawwaa District, Fincaawaa town.
    Dawwaa Town: On 02/01/2019 the Ethiopian Army arbitrarily killed 13 people in Dawwaa town. Here are some of the names:
    Waajii Qilxaa Konsoo: killed and his body was burned with his house
    Badhaanee Hoxxeessaa: killed and his body was burned with his houseDastaa Shunnee Danboobi Tuukee
    Girmaa Walaabuu
    Abbaa Hasan: On the same day, (02/01/2019), the army killed Abbaa Hasan(picture left) in
    Abbaaloo village, burned his House and his property.
    Abbaa Hassan, Adoolaa Waayyuu District, Abbaaloo village

    Daamboobii Tukkee and Daastaa Dhunnees were arbitrarily killed on 02/01/2019 in Dugdaa Dawwaa district, Fincaawaa town.
    Daamboobii Tukkee and Daastaa Dhunnees
    Here are some corpses of people killed, burned and dumped in the bush by the Ethiopian army in Western Gujii Zone.

    Lamii Hirbaa Village
    Bariisoo quruuxaa on 16/01/2019 Lamii Hoxxeessaa on 16/01/2019 Idrisi Galgaloo
    Dulacha Uddesaa
    Mi’esa Sabuchuu Jamaalu Mandhisaa Tarikuu Gotaroo Galgaloo Carii Beqelee Gamadoo Naasiroo
    Taarikuu Gaalgaloo
    Gaalgaloo Areerii
    Dukkee Shaallamee,70 years old woman, was burned down in her house on 16/01/2019 as you see below
    Dukkee Shallamee, brutally burned alive in her house

    In Dugdaa Dawaa District, Meddanoo Village
    Dhaddaacha Waaqoo Jaldeessaa on 27/01/2019
    Galgaalo Guyyoo Uraagoo on 27/01/2019
    Araarsoo Gobaanaa Adoola on 27/01/2019
    Indirsi Galgalo killed on 27/01/2019 and denied burial Dulacha Uddeesa killed on 27/01/2019 and denied burial
    02/02/2019: Mira Jio Hoxxe(11th grade student) was killed in W.Gujii Zone, Tooree Badiyaa village.
    08/02/2019 : Akliluu Oddoo Areerii was killed in Gujii Zone, Eela Diimaa village by the Ethiopian Army. After being killed his corpse was tied to the Army vehicle and got dragged.
    20/02/2019: In Bulee Horaa District, Heera Liiphitu village the following people were killed: Haloo Taaduu Eleetuu
    Adisuu Abbayyii Dullachaa
    Dhaddacha Waaqoo Jaldeessa
    Galgaloo Uraagoo Lolee

    19/02/2019: The Ethiopian Army opened shootings on peaceful people in Sabbaa Boruu District, Haroo Garrii village. Six people were killed immediately, seven others were wounded and their property was totally destroyed. The names are as follows:
    Dukkaallee Odaa was killed and his house was burned Qooncoraa Huddeessaa: killed and his house was burned Qamarii Adoolaa
    Baallii Uddeessaa: killed and his house was burned Bariisoo Qaalliichaa, was under age,10years old boy Kallaacha Birbiirsaa, was also an underage,8 years old boy
    Bruudee Gadaa, a pregnant woman, and her 3years old daughter were shot and wounded. See the following picture below.
    Buruudee Gadaa,top, and her 3years old daughter beneath

    These are a few of the severely beaten civilians from Haroo Garrii village on 19/02/2019.
    Biraanuu Goobanaa Ufkee Sabbaa
    These are severely beaten civilians. Names not identified

    01/03/2019 : Odaa Abbaa Xuyyee was killed in Aagaa Waayyuu District(Eastern Gujii), Baddeessoo Ulaanuloo village.
    28/03/2019: Morkataa Makkiiyaa was killed Sabboo Boruu district, Buphoo village. His house was also burned by the Army. The names of severely wounded are:
    Ukkuuraa Uttuullee
    Baddeessaa Abarraa
    Bulee Kurree
    Jiloo Bilisoo Surisaa
    19/04/2019: This corpse you see below is that of Badhaanee Hoxxeessaa who was killed on in Dugda Daawaa sub-district, Fincaawaa town. The Army killed him, burned his corpse and dumped it in the bush.
    21/04/2019: Nuguusee Baadaacha Monnoo was killed in Galeessaa Nageessoo village.
    Badir Abdullayi, Adam Abdule, Roobaa Jaggoo were killed on the same day in Qorcaa
    Mahamad Usman and Mahamad Usman were also killed on the same day in Adoolaa Zone, Abaaloo village. Mohamad Ahmad was killed in Adoolaa sub-district, Biluu village on the same day as well.

    22/04/2019: The Ethiopian Army killed Nugusee Badachaa and his 15 years old son in Western Gujii Zone, Daayaa Daawwaa village, while Nuguse was farming his own field. After killing him the Army also burned his house and property.
    On the same day, the Ethiopian Army killed Girmaa Wolaabu Busaawwa (teacher), Jiloo Biittu,80 years old, and Kuulii Dheeraa Dulloo, a 75 years old woman.
    Asallaa: 08.05.2019
    Asallaa on 08.05.2019
    It was reported that the Army and the police sided with the Amhara National Movement(ABN), killed an Oromo and wounded over 40 people on 08.05.2019 in Asalla.

    Boorana Zone
    These are the bride in the middle, bridegroom far right and the brother of the groom on the left side. They were killed in February 2019 by the Ethiopian army while on their way to the groom’s home after marriage ceremony at the bride’s home. There were two more killed and one person wounded with them.

    Kiilings in Wallagga Region of Oromia
    Qondaalaa District
    Haaj Gudfinaa Tolasaa Xahaa Hiisaa
    Kamaal Qaasim
    Hasan Akliluu Yaa’iqoob Muusaa Raamadaan Waltajjii Abdoo Ashaabbir
    Begii District
    Madaksaa Iddoosaa Amaan Abdullah Abdulqaadir Galataa Yoonaas Mohammad Jamaal Tufaa
    Garomaa Ittaanaa Raamatallaa Abdulqaadir Mokonnin Shama’uun Yaasin Abdallaa Fiqaaduu Fayisaa Raamatallaa Damisee Tafarii Abrahaam Fiqaaduu Taasisaa Abdiisaa Firoomsaa Isiyaaq Abdiisaa
    Zaakir Nuuraddiin Admaasuu Ashabbir Rashid Jamaal Yaadasaa Tarfaa Sa’id Hasan Indaashawu Shaakii
    Andashuu Shaagii Maammad Caalaa Lammeessaa Saddiiqaa Maammud
    Gidaami Distri
    Galaanee Shaafee Gamulaa Jissaa Koorii Daaqaa Toomaas Dhabsuu Mazgabuu Geebaa Gammachuu Guutaa Tafarii Dinqaa Umar Hiisaa Kamaal Gabruu Nasrallaa Taaddasaa Fayisaa Ofga’aa Mokonnin Tolasaa Eebbisaa Raggaasaa Dastaa Horaa Burruusee Tarfaasaa Sa’id Adam
    Fayisaa Horaa Mirreessaa Waltajjii Fufaa Umar Malkaamuu Daggafaa
    Dambi Doolloo Town
    Taammiraat Abarraa Tsaggaa(Vaandaam

    Muggii Town
    Yaasin Abdallaa Taakkalee Bulchaa Abdataa Waakkennee Hundeessaa Abdiisaa Dabalaa Bantii Ayichew
    Sambatoo Tammene, below, was taken out of Muggi Priso(Anfillo) in the night of 10.11.2019 and was killed in the night.
    Naqamtee Town
    Zalaalam Ogiinaa
    Abbabee Mokonnin
    Ebbisaa Bula(below): according to a report received on 22.06.2019, he was killed and thrown away in Naqamte town(see the following picture). He is a taxi driver.
    Ebbisaa Bula, was killed in June 2019 in Naqamte

    Najjoo Town
    Gammachiis Xilahuun and Zargee Minaasee were killed
    Mana Sibuu District
    Abaataa Coommii Xilahuun Ayyaanaa Naatnaael Kaasahuun Asee
    Barsiisaa Sanyii Saamu’eel Tarrafaa Baabboo
    Taklee Tolaa
    Saamu’eel Abarraa
    Lidataa Amanaa
    Badhaasaa Hundeessaa Barsiisaa Saamu’eel Taaddasaa
    Obbo Eebbisaa Tarfaa Obbo Mulugeetaa Boodanaa Solomoon Dhiyaanaa Warraaqaa Addisuu Tsaggaayee Jaarraa Indaaluu Mtsiyoon
    Abdulqaadir Ayyaanaa Godee Ismaa’el Abdallaa Dhowwaa Kadir Ahmad Gindaaba

    Gimbii town
    14/02)2019: Zakarias Fida, a 12th grade student, was shot and wounded in Shashitu Hotel. After shooting him, the Army took him to its Army Camp in the area. After a while, the Army brought his dead body and threw away for the relatives.
    07/06/2019:Abraham Hailu, picture right, was shot by the Ethiopian army before noon in Gimbii town.
    ” It is unlikely that he survives ” the report added.
    Horroo Guduruu
    10.02.2019: Brothers, Lalisaa Qanaatee and Iyyaasuu Qanaatee, both students, were killed in E. Wallagga, Ebaantu town, at home in front of their parents.
    Siblings: Lalisaa and Iyyaasuu Qanaatee, victims of state terror

    Eastern Oromia
    Araarsoo Bakar Ibroo(picture right), age 18,
    was shot by the Ethiopian Army in Awwadaayi and died on the same day as the Voice of Oromo Liberation Front reported on 23.1.02019
    Kariim Abbaa Dagaa Koyaasn, picture above left,age28, a resident of Dirree Dawaa, a father of two, was shot on the head by the Ethiopian Army while on a peaceful demonstration in October 2019.
    Ahmed Sharaf( picture below), from Mayyu Muluqee vilage by birth, was shot on the leg by the Ethiopian Army while on a peaceful demonstration in
    Harar town. His leg is amputated as a result.

    Muniiree Ahmed Yusuf(Picture below), age 16, from
    Dirree Dawaa Laga Harree area,was killed on a peaceful demonstration in October 2019 in Dirree Dawaa
    Exra-Judicial Killings in Central Oromia
    Abbabaa Jifaaraa was killed on 02.08.2019 by the Army in Cophii District,Oofuu Bakkee Village.His corpse was found thrown into a river.

    Arbitrary Killings on October 23 and 24.2019 in Ambo Town
    There were peaceful demonstrations held on October 23 and 24, 2019 in Ambo. Although the demonstrations were peaceful, the police shot over 70 people.
    The following report is just a highlight as this information is only limited to those victims brought to the Ambo General Hospital. So, this report neither includes victims referred to other Hospitals, those getting treatment in various private clinics and Health Centers in Ambo nor those died later. We present names supported with Photos where we have and only names where we have no photos.
    Morodaa Moosaa Gimbii
    Mr. Morodaa Moosaa, age 80, was killed on 24.10.2019 in Ambo town. Morodaa Mossoaa is one of the age seniors in Ambo town. As he was on his way home, he saw a young boy being shot by the police lying soaked in blood. Morodaa was struggling to stop the bleeding and lift the victim up. While he was at such engagement to fulfill his humanely and fatherly duty as a senior in the community, the Ethiopian police shot and killed him on the spot inhumanely.
    Morodaa is known for his humanitarian engagement in the community. With the assistance of some German friends he runs a Kindergarten in Ambo town. Besides, Morodaa runs a Primary School in collaboration with some friends.
    Mr. Morodaa lived successive repressive Ethiopian systems from The Monarchy across the military dictator to the present under harassment. In the 1970s, he spent around five years in prison in Ambo without being served justice. Now, the self claimed transformers of Ethiopia killed him.

    Further, the following eight(8) people were killed on October 23 and 24, 2019: (2)Isheetuu Alamuu , (3)Yoo Obsan Oliiqaa, (4)Biyyaaf Dabalaa, (5)Caalchisaa Uumaa
    (6)Biqilaa Sirnaa (7)Alamaayyoo Olihiiqsaa (8)Balay Allasaa
    Biqilaa Sirna, Alyamayyo Olhiqsa and Balay Allasaa(9th grade and age 16) were killed on 24.10.2019. Alamayyoo Olhiqsaa is from Tokkee Kuttaayee while the other two are from Ambo town.
    Wounded by Police on 24.10.2019 in Ambo Town
    Hinsarmuu Iddoosaa Ajjamaa Lachiisaa Caalaa Margaa

    Misgaanaa Ashannaafii Baqqalaa Lachiisaa Guddataa Shifarraa Jifaaraa
    Masarat Taklu with her 3 months old baby Abraham Girma,12th grade

    Malkaamuu Gaaddisaa Salamoon Tasfayee Girmaa Abdataa Nagaroo Waaqgaarii Addisuu Silashii Wasanee Waaqumaa(f) Warquu Fiqiruu Gabbisaa Dirribsaa Mitikkuu Olii
    Damee Injiguu Dabalaa Hirphaa Abbabaa Homaa Duulaa Cimdii
    Sisay Nuurasaa Waaqjiraa Girma Guddisaa Cimdii Misgaanaa Cimdii Balay Cimdii Mokonnin…… Daraaraa G/Iyyasuus Milkeessaa Kumsaa Warquu Badhaadhaa Hinsarmuu Masarat
    II) Cases of Rape
    Caaltuu Dirribsaa(f) Mul’isaa Kumalaa Birqii Bokonaa(f) Shallamaa Tuutaa Araarsaa Guddataa Gulummaa Girmaa Darajjee Magarsaa Shayee Itichaa Girmaa Waaqjiraa Mul ́ataa Hirphasaa Koormee Tafarii Warquu Argawu Ashennafi Qajeelaa Warqinaa Fayyisaa Gaaddisaa Beeksisaa Gabbisaa Dirribsaa Bantii Dagabaasaa Roobaa Taddalaa Tafarii Makonnin Ayyaansaa Waldee Nimoonaa Girmaa Malkaamuu Dhaa
    It is not seldom that we hear and receive reports on Rape. The Ethiopian army rapes its citizens by forcing the victims. According to some reports we received, the victims include girls from age 13 to housewives and pregnant mothers. Raping is part of the moral warfare waged by the Ethiopian repressive army to dehumanize the subjects. On the other hand, raping is a reflection of moral bankruptcy on the part of the system. We present some names of the victims as follows.

    Gujii: Soorilee Waaccuu sub-district: 5/2/2019 & 6/2/2019
    Baachoo Warq-Hageenyaw, age 13
    Ushee Shibbiruu, house wife and pregnant Taammiree Gammadee, age 15
    Immaa Innuu
    Haannaa Dasta, age 17
    Ayyaantuu Gammachuu
    Miimmii Woshee
    Beezaa Immush, Age 18,
    Wammaanna Village
    Gaannat Magaarsa, a mother of two children Burtee Kasaaye, a mother of four children
    Qilleensoo Mokkonniisa Village: 26/03/2019
    Saaraa Asafaa: she works in a restaurant owned by Mekonnen Gobana. Several armed military men alternatively raped her. As a result, her life was under a critical situation as we received this report.
    Destructions of private Property aimed at Impoverishing Subjects
    We recieve reports that the Ethiopian Army burns houses, grain and coffee stores, farmers’ fields before crops are harvested, confisicates sereals, Coffee beans ready for markets, cash money and Jwellery, etc.. According to the report we recieved, here are some documented facts as to what the Ethiopian Army is is doing on civilian citizens in the Southern Oromia, Gujii Zones.
    Gujii Zone:09/04/2019
    Qarsaa Village: The houses of Hadaa Duubee and Roobaa Hadaa (father and son) were burned with all property they have. Here are some more examples with coresponding villages and number of houses destroyed:
    Booree Obbii village: 4 houses Mallayaayaa Karroo village:10 houses Burii Ejeersoo village: 74 houses Dambii Oddoo village: 48 houses Gaalee Daambii village: 9 houses
    Gaalee Daagataa village: 5 houses Roojjii village: 9 houses
    Magaadoo Baadiyyaa village: 3 grain Mills 50 houses
    Alloonaa village: 30 houses

    Sawweenaa village: 35 houses Sabbaa Guduubaa village: 20 houses Qorcaa Daalatti village:35 houses
    In Shaakkiso sub-District alone, there are around 241 houses destroyed. From this, it is possible to guess as to how many people are homeless and are exposed to poverty as a result.
    13/05/2019: Maaxee Boolli village Abbaayyoo Booggaala Beejoo`s 1 house was burned. Alloonaa village houses of Sheeki Aliyyii and Abdujalil were burned by the army.
    As you see below the houses of Saafayii Kaffee, Taaddasa Dullachaa and several farmers are ravaged by fire on 10/04/2019 in Qarsaa village.

    On 03/03/2019 in Gujii Zone, Gaallee Dagaa village 5 houses belonging to Bariisoo Haayyuu fully destroyed with all the property he has.


    Confiscation:Wallaggaa Region of Oromia
    The following is a report we received regarding illegal confiscation by the Ethiopian Army in the Wstern part of Oromia.
    Dambi Dolloo Town
    Fissaa Gabiremadiin: His electronic shop is completely confiscated. It is reported that several young people are robed their mobile phones and money under the pretext of searching them.
    Begii District
    Madaksaa Iddoosaa: Two houses and all his property was burned Beekumaa Habiiboo: Two houses and all his property was burned Tamasgeen Taaddasaa: Two houses and all his property was burned
    Qondaalaa District
    Jaafar Taasisaa: his residential house was burned by the army.
    Gidaamii District
    Guutaa Gabree: His House was burned and his property was destroyed and partially confiscated.300 Quintals of grain and 200 quintals of coffee was confiscated
    Fedhasaa Guutaa:His House was burned. And further,180 Quintals of grain, 100 Quintals of Coffee, 60 Quintals of Pepper was confiscated.
    Dabalaa Iddoosaa: One Wood Saw Machine he owns was demolished and burned Daawwit Hiikaa: A Shop he owns was confiscated
    Abraham Taammiruu: A Shop he owns was confiscated
    Mustafaa Shiishii: His whole property was confiscated
    Kadir Saalee: His House was burned Haayiluu Imaanaa: His House was burned
    III) Arbitrary Imprisonment and Mass Detentions
    We present the names of Oromo prisoners we received as follows. This list portrays by no means the complete number of prisoners in the country as:
     people are detained in military camps and hidden places,
     arrests are arbitrary and without court warrants,
     relatives get no information as to where their imprisoned relatives are,
     relatives asking for their detained relatives face dangers of arbitrary abuses, and

     because of lack of access and capacity to cover comprehensively. =========================================
    Centeral Oromia
    Sanqalle Detention Camp
    Sanqalle is found some 5 Km West of Ambo. Sanqalle served since the 1960s as a Militia Training Centre. Now, under the incumbent Ethiopian Government, it is serving as a Concentration Camp. Several sources estimate the number of people in this concentration camp to exceed 5000. The detainees are exclusively Oromos from different parts of Oromia.
    It is often heard that the detainees are exposed to abject health conditions as a result of malnutrition, bad sanitation, torture, lack of space, etc.
    Upon his Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Oslo, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia said that prisons were empty since he came to power. The reality on the ground tells otherwise.Here follow reports we have with regional breakdown.
    Dajanee Mammoo Lammaa Fayyisaa Jiksaa Fayyeeraa
    Fayyisaa Lammaa Dajenee kitabaa Kaasayee Qananiisa
    Olii Durumaa
    Qabsoo Durumaa Mangee Tafarii
    Bayisaa Dirribaa Asheetee Caalaa Eenyummaa Kumalaa Masfiin Ballaxaa
    Tafarii Birasaa(farmacist
    Ilfataa(July 2019)
    Gammachuu Dhaaba Baqqalaa Harshoo Galayee Guddisaa Warqituu Faanaa (F) Gaddisee Haacaaluu (F) Fayyisaa Abdataa Wayyumaa Araarsaa Kabbadaa Nagaasaa Taddasaa Nagaasaa Lalisaa Dhugumaa Lachiisaa Olqabaa Abdiisaa Olqabaa Baqqaanaa Taasuu
    Biraanuu Baqqaanaa

    Dasgaraa Daraaraa Shawuu Damee (F)
    Cophii Area(July 2019)
    Warqinaa Mirkanaa Shumii Dhaabaa Mokonnon Dhaabaa Hordofaa Hayyuu Kafanaa Guutaa Shuumii Dirribaa Guddisaa Dirribaa Abdiisaa Maammoo Xaafaa Homaa
    Hundee Dirribaa Waaqumaa Akkumaa Tolasaa Leellisaa Tolasaa Naggasaa Galaanaa
    Taammiruu Caalaa Bashanaa Tolasaa Loomituu Jamaamaa (F) Taddaluu Araarsaa (F) Kiisaa Caalchisaa Faqqadaa Kafanaa Baacaa Fayyisaa Dhuggii Badhaadhaa Gizaachoo Kafanaa Caalaa Lachiisaa
    Muluu Taddadaa (F) Shallamee Abbabaa (F) Lalisee Abbabaa (F) Caaltuu Lammeessaa (F) Xayituu Hirkisaa (F) Caalchisee Fayyisaa (F) Shaantuu (F)
    Dirribee Damee (F) Caalaa Irreessoo
    Dajanee Badhaan Humneessaa Hirphasaa. Tarrafaa Guutamaa Misgaanaa Addunyaa Addunyaa Lataa
    Birqii Diroo (F) Gaaaddisaa Kabbadaa Dajanee Tolasaa Kabbadaa Xaafaa Girmaa Gutaa
    Balaay Ayyalaa Guddataa Shumii Mulugeetaa Girmaa Ballaxaa Girmaa Abarraa Katam
    Sefuu Amanuu Aliyyi
    Finfinnee and Finfinnee Area
    Gammachis Baqqalaa..Finfinnee Eebbisaa Geetawoo…..Finfinnee Boonsaa Hayiluu………Finfinnee Ingidaa Qusii ………….Finfinnee Daandii Garbooshee…Finfinnee Lookoo Yohaannis……Finfinne Abdi Imaanaa …………Hoolata
    Ibsaa Iggazuu …………Hoolata Waltajjii Geetahuu…..Mettaa Roobii Mootii Shaambii …….Buraayyuu Obsee Qannoo………..Buraayyuu

    Western Wallagga
    Sa’id Abdiisaa
    Jarrab Umar Gammachis Mitikkuu Maatiyaas Waaqwayyaa Gaaroma Namoomsa Shibbiruu Qananii Xa’aa Habtamuu
    Fantaa Fiqaadu
    Mu’aaz Mohaammad
    Tagabbaa Waltajjii
    Dhibbisaa Abarraa
    Tashomee Gobanaa
    Dassaleenyi Nagarii
    Musee Kumarraa
    Tarikuu Addisuu
    Toomas Fayisaa
    Galataa Tasfayee
    Garooma Namiomsaa
    Firoomsa Ayyalaa
    Amanu’el Taaffasee
    Lammii Olaansa
    Habtamuu Oliiqa
    Abirihaam Tolasaa..Arojji Waddoo Indaaluu Tasammaa..Gimbii Immaanaa Baanqee…Biilaa Guddataa Qana’aa..Boojjii
    Guutuu Xibabuu
    Lookoo Guutamaa(65 Years old
    Dawiit Qajeelaa(Abbaa Gadaa) Dabala Fiqiruu
    Diinqaa Adamuu
    Fiqiruu Tadasaa
    Cuuccaa Mulgeeta
    Burqaa Janboor..BabbboGambel
    Abdi Maammo
    Fiqiru Moosisa
    Liidiiyaa Goobanaa(F) Gammachiis Nagaasee
    Abdii Taammiruu
    Getaachoo Awwal
    GUutamaa Idoosaa
    Solomoon Fiqaaduu
    Balaay Tarfaasa ….Qilxu Karraa Tasfayee Mitikkuu .Qilxu Karraa
    Dirribaa Olqanaa Cannaqaa Abdiisaa Tsaggayee Waannaa Amanu ‘el Adunyaa
    Qabbannaa Magarsaa
    Damee Caalaa Barata
    Dagaagaa Faxxanee .
    Abbabee Nagaasaa(AbbaaGadaa Tafarii Dhaabaa
    Abdiisaa Faradaa Yohaannis Fufaa. Mitikkuu Yohaannis

    Carraa Tasfayee
    Tasfayee Yaadata
    Raagaa Kumarraa
    Abdoo Huseen (Abbaa Gadaa) Yoseef Abarraa
    Haamzaa Abuqaadi
    Mitikkuu Dhibbisaa…Noolee Kaabbaa Tamaasgen Sishaa…N/Kaabbaa Abarree Bayisaa……N/Kaabbaa Hayiluu Tamasgeen.Yuubdoorra. Boonaa Raagaa……..Laaloo Qilee Addamuu Gondoree ..Lalo Assabii Waggaa Tafarra………LaloAssabi
    Jibiriil Isaa
    Naasir Isaa
    Maammee Zeenuu Musxafaa Abshiruu Eliyaas Saalii
    Balaayi Kabbadee Molaatuu Oljirraa Dashuraa Molaatuu Wandimmee Molaatuu Geetanee Guddataa
    Gammachis Buushaa
    Tarraqanyii Kumarraa
    Abdii Jireenyaa
    Biqilaa Alamayyoo Tamasgeen Fiqaadu
    Jaafar Birraatuu
    Gaddisaa Tasammaa Baadiruu Mahaammad Akiliiluu Hordofaa
    Abdoo Ashaabbir ..Qondaala
    Eastern Wallagga
    Daggafaa Bayyanaa Zarihun Caannaalo Dr Mitikuu Getaacho Abbebe Maammoo Lataa Taammane Leeqaa Fiqaadu Gammachuu Takilee Toomaas Takilee Tamasgen Adunyaa Lataa Getachoo Firdisaa Nagaasaa Fiqiruu Nagaasaa Aagee Hambisaa Ragu’eel Hayiluu Yisiyaq Zaalalam Henook Yohaanis Burqaa Biraanuu Shanqoo Solomoon Eliyas Tasfayee Qabbannaa Taarikuu Laggesee Abeetu Iddoosaa Geetachoo Amaanu’el Beekkataa Sanyii
    Hordofaa Taaddasaa Dinqiisaa Qannoo Jaal Amaan Filee Warqinaa Fiqaadu Zalalem Addamuu Warquu Abeetuu Alamayyoo Dabaloo Guutama Caalii Abdiisaa Gammadaa Tashooma Tarreessaa Tolaa
    Tammiruu Girmaa Tasfayee Caalii

    Horroo Guduruu
    Abbebe Booranaa(Abbaa Gadaa) Lataa Abiishee(Abbaa Gadaa) Takkele Dhugaasaa
    Eebbaa Gindaabaa Zakkaariyaas Muktaar
    Dastaa Wushaa Tokkummaa Himsarmuu Nagarii Tarfaa
    Assabaa Namoomsaa Tashoomaa Dhufeeraa Dinqaa Dheeressaa Amsaaluu Baqqaanaa Amsaaluu Abdiisaa Addunyaa Garbii Guddataa Gammadaa Faqqadaa Alamuu Gaaddisaa Nagarii Margaa Abdiisaa Taaddasaa Baay’isaa Taarikuu Dassaaleny Olaanaa Abarraa Gurmuu Leenjisaa Geetuu Taaddasaa Inkoosaa Namoo Alamooyyoo Olaani Dastaa Jalduu
    Mootii Dastaa Mulgeetaa Guddataa Lammeessaa Fayisaa Daanyee Taganyee Duulaa Gurmeessa Gammachuu Hundee Addunyaa Baayisaa Katamaa Baayisaa Alamaayyoo Guddataa Tamaasgen Zallaqaa
    Booranaa Oljirraa
    Alamaayyoo Tasfayee
    Asaffaa Guddata
    Maammushee Tarrafaa
    Firdisaa Gammadaa
    Dhaabaa Baayisaa
    Kabbadaa Fiqaaduu
    Darajjee Dhinsaa
    Tamasgeen Qannoo
    Katamaa Manyar
    Garramuu Yaadataa
    Shifarraa Yaadataa
    Fiqaaduu Namoo
    Ayyaantuu Geexii
    Assabaa Namoomsaa
    Geexii Baabee
    Baqqalaa Qarxaa
    Gammachuu Gaaddisaa
    Addunyaa Amantee(Abbaa Gadaa) Nagirii Lataa
    Gammachis Fufaa Gammachuu Dirribsaa Duulaa
    Hundumaa Namarraa Zakkariyaas
    Abbebe Dhufeera Kabbade Dhaabaa Taakkalaa Abbabaa Geetaachoo Alamaayyoo Indaaloo Tamasgeen Oljirraa Qixxaataa Tafarii Galaan
    Ahimad Saafii Tujjuu Aadam Maammad Usmaanaa Kadiir Maammaa Hajji Sabboona Abdii
    Hiikaa Eebbisaa
    Fayyeraa Toleraa

    South Western Oromia(8)
    Fuhaad Alii …Beddelle Masgabuu Fiixee Beddelle Kaasahun Dabalaa…Beddelle Gammachis Immiruu..Beddelle
    Moosisaa Nagaasaa ..Beddelle Wubee Taammiruu
    Hajii Nuuruu Suleemaan Kaffaaloo Gazaan
    Gujii Zone(77)
    Sabbaa Boruu(32)
    Adoola Areero Buukee Girjaa Jaarsoo Baqqalaa Waacillee Tasfayee Halakee Gujii Mirkataa Qilxaa Danbalaa Adulaa Quuxala Dhadacha Dhaabaa Abbaa Xurraa Yaatanii Qilxaa Dhugoo Baqqajjo Ayyalaa Bariisoo Gammadaa Halakee Neenqa Daadhii Jaarsoo Abbaa waaqo Canaa Girjaa
    Gololcha Haroo
    Haroo Dooyyoo Geedoo Tuundhee Madaksaa Fiixee Gololchaa Gobanaa Duubaa yaachisii Turee xisoo
    Duubee Xissoo.
    Mijuu Adulaa
    Daadhii Dhadachaa Dajanee Qilxaa Gooloo Goobanaa Didoo Duubee Xiso Maammoo Adulaa
    Mijuu Adolaa Edema Eliyaas Taddesee Halake
    Eastern Gujii(23)
    Siidaa waaqoo Taarikuu Daadee Harsuu Areerii Lookoo Galchuu Yemanu Zawudee Odaa Badhuu Kaadiroo Ibirayiim Xahaa Koonnoo Xahiir Qasiim Qaasim Duubee Handuqqee Aliyee Alamuu Xulii
    Koonnoo sokora Odaa Badhuu Abduqadiri Qaasim Biqilaa Tolaasa Siraaji Hesaa Beenyaa Deenus Bisilee Waaqoo Qamariyaa Usuman Sittiina Shifarraa Lidiyaa Teessoo Saaraa waaqoo

    Guyyee xephelloo Katamaa shawulee Kifilee Jisoo Tadelee komolla Hasan Yuusuuf Kadiir Hasan Asaffaa Shuunte Note Neenqo Bariisoo Neenqo Xilawuu Barraqoo Gannoo Sirbaa Dammaqaa Salaqaa
    Ahanadi Muummee Bulti Abbittii Seefee
    Gooroo Doolaa(8)
    Abdoo Ilaalaa kafaala Tarikuu Goobana Odaa Uturaa Taarikuu Dhugoo Barbaree Denishoo Sheek Addisuu Galataa Galaanoo Hayiimanoot Alamuu
    IV)Oromo Students assigned to Universities in the Amhara Regional State
    The Central/Federal/ Government assigns Students to different Universities in the country. This Academic Institution has been a singular symbol of tolerance and mutual respect for political differences in the history of the Empire. Politically, general common issues ruled the history of Ethiopian Student Movement in the past. Likewise, specific issues regarding a given Nationality were either sympathized with and upheld in common or tolerated. But recent political developments under the current Government show otherwise.
    For the Oromo Students assigned to the Universities in Amhara Region, this academic institutions became a center of brutality and terror acts committed on them by Amhara Students.
    Oromo Students in the Universities in Dasse, Waldia, Gonder, Bahir Dar, to mention a few, are beaten, stabbed with Knives, thrown from high-storey-buildings down by Amhara Ethnic group. As a result several Oromo Students are killed, wounded, mishandled or died later as a result of the injuries.
    Here,OMRHO would like to emphasize that neither the Regional state nor the Central Government showed the willingness to fulfill their role to guard the safety of Oromo Students as citizens. The Central Government should have facilitated evacuating all Oromo students or guarantee their security.
    Oromo Students are even denied to withdraw and travel back to their parents. Further, those who managed to escape and reach Oromia are denied the right to register in a similar academic institutions in Oromia. Here we see the interwoven concerted act from the Amahra, Oromia and the Central Government against Oromo Students.No measure is taken to

    guarantee the safety of Oromo students in all areas where they were attacked. What further makes the mutual understanding between the mentioned three Government bodies overt is that several Oromo students who showed their concern about the victimized students from various Universities in Oromia are either imprisoned or dismissed from respective Universities.
    To show what is happening to the Oromo Students in Amhara Region, OMRHO puts some information it received as follows.
    Waldia University(6 names texted by unknown) Tarreessaa Baalchaa,2nd Year Political Science Student
    Daggafaa Abbabaa, 3rd Year Political Science Awwal Irree, 2nd Year Political Science Ashannaafii Tasfaa,4th Year Water Engineering Araarsoo Baloo,3rd Year Arts Department
    Darajjee Tasfaaye, 3rd Year Aarts Department Geetuu Katamaa,5th Year Mechanical Engineering Daawwit Karrayyuu, 3Year Psychology Department Kamaal Fayyisoo, 3rd Year Biotechnology
    Dingataa Waaqkennaa,3rd Year Pedagogy
    Waldia University,09.11.2019 Killed in Waldia Univ. on 10.11.2019

    Waldia University
    Oromo female student in Waldia University

    AbdiiWaaqo was Killed in Waldia University Adii Waaqoo`s Mother
    Adii Waaqoo with his father and Sisters

    Dasse University
    Iddoosaa Dabalaa killed on 17.11.19
    Sayid Tayib, is killed on 02.01.20 in Wallo
    Amsalu Luuccee
    Masho Umer,Gurage, killed 08.12.19

    unidentified Oromo Student in Gondar
    Bulee Horaa & Dirree Dawaa Universities: January 2020
    Natnael Mengistu was killed in Bulee Horaa Uni. Yihune Alemayehuwas thrown down from a building

    Here is the list of students imprisoned by the central government from Addis Ababa University why they voiced their concerns about the situation of Oromo students in the Amhara Region to Addis Ababa University. They peacefully appealed to the University that it considers the fate of students who managed to escape the onslaught. Sad enough, the information we received on 21.11.2019 reveals that, the University called Police and they were taken the 3rd Police Station. A few of them are as follows:
    1. Isaayyaas,
    2.Dirribaa Tolasaa, 3.Abrahaam,
    4.Isqeel Abarraa, 5.Amantii Fiqiruu, 6.Kaffaalee, 7.Dassaaleny Biraanuu, 8.Olaanaa Gammachuu, 9.Dabalaa,
    10.Lalisaa Tolaa, 11.Muluu,
    12.Boontuu, 13.Dabalaa Dassaaleny, 14.Girmaa Gulummaa, 18.Guutaa Haabtaamuu, 19.Obsaa Abdiisaa
    20. Hiwwaa shumaa 21.Waariyoo 22.Guutamaa Kaffaaloo 23.Darajjee kumarraa

    V)The Case of Non-Amhara People in the Amhara Region: the Gumuz and the Qimant People
    Gumuz: The Amhara Reional administrative boundary incorporates several indigenous Peoples who inhabit a significant part of this region. These peoples, habitually called Gumuz, are historically the ancient peoples to this region. As the case is true with millions of indigenous Peoples across the Globe, the Gumuz are the most disadvantaged and neglected People under successive Ethiopian Governments.
    On April 25, 2019 trained and armed group from the Amhara Region raided Dangur area and massacred many people including children. Here are some pictures posted on various mass media.

    The horrified Children of Gumuz in Dagur area, in the Amhara Region

    Here one sees brutally butchered children on the botom part of the picture and a slogan vowing ” we will repeat the history of our fathers “.
    The Qimant and the Agawu People
    The Qimant and the Agawu people inhabit a significant part of North and Northwest Amhara Region of Ethiopia. They are the ancient people to this part of the Ethiopia. As it is put in the Constitution of Ethiopia Article 39 (§3), bothe peoples demanded an internal selfrule and cultural practices. The Amhara Regional state met their demands with harassment and gradually escalated to conflicts. As a result, the regional state imprisoned many ethnic Qimant and Agawu people. The chairman of the Qimant Commitee, Semengewu Ejjigu, was killed on 30.05.2019 in Gonder city(see below). Further, propertis, including live animals were burned down. The Regional government is said to have organized the attackers. Federal Government also remains silent on the whole issue.
    Semengewu Ejjigu

    Even Livestock of the Qimant was not spared.
    Additionally, see the petition formally submitted to the Secretary General and the Office of United Nations Higher Commissioner for Human Rights bellow.

    United Nations Secretary General & the OHCHR: End Genocide against Kemants Now commissioner-for-human-rights-and-un-secretary-gen-end-genocide-against-kemants- now
    w. workuw hat diese Petition an Petition to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and UN Secretary General gestartet.
    This petition is a formal request to the Secretary-General & the Office of United Nations Higher Commissioner for Human Rights to take immediate actions to stop the ongoing Kemant Genocide by Amhara Regional Government, under the political support of the central government of Ethiopia. To urge respectfully the UN body to:
    1.Investigate the systematic, intentional anddeliberate killings, abduction of children, imprisonment and displacement of Agaw-Kemants, as well as, destruction/lootings of their belonging, carried out throughout North Gondar, Ethiopia since 2013 to the present.
    Religious Intolerance in the Amhara Region:Ethiopia as an Empire home to over 80 different Nationalities and Ethnic Groups, is also home for various beliefs and confessions. No recent history of the Empire marked religious conflicts. If there is anything Ethiopia is praised for, it is the tolerance and respect for mutual religious affairs. However, a recent situation we witnessed in the Amhara Region is an alarming one. Leaving other separate damages Mosques experienced in some Amhara areas, burning 4(four Mosques) in the town of Mota, Amhara Region, has caused rage and an alarming sense of hostility in the country as well as outside the country. Here is one of the of burning Mosques surrounded by the chanting mob.

    Mosques in Mota, Amhara Region, burning
    Very scary is that the police of the Regional Administration looked at the perpetrators passively. Burned were not only Mosques but private shops and hotels belonging to Muslims were selectively damaged and robbed.
    The Human Rights situation in Ethiopia has already moved from bad to a worst stage. The positive gesture we saw from mid-2018 to the end of 2018 has withered away. For the people who demand the right the constitution granted on paper, it has become a night-mare.
    Especially, the Oromo People are the most targeted part of the people in the Empire. Oromia is under the Military Command Post. Civil administration is already overtaken by the military. Extra-judicial killings, arbitrary arrests, rape, looting of property of farmers by the Army are day-to-day practices. In addition to imprisonments, mass detention is becoming dominant government activity.
    As a result of burning farmers’ villages and what they have labored on the field by the Ethiopian Army, tens of thousands of people are either internally displaced with exposure to man-made hunger or have left for neighbouring countries as refugee.

    Academic institutions, like Universities in the Amhara Region, have already become compounds where Oromo students are selectively killed and beaten. The security forces assigned to the universities look the episode passively. The Regional and Central Governments also kept silent.
    OMRHO worries that the situation in Ethiopia further worsens and becomes out of control. To deter this worrisome situation, the role of countries Donor Organizations having ties with Ethiopia is immense. We appeal to such Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations to engage the Ethiopian Government.

  12. Abebe Bikila says:

    These is the most bogus accusation by an African on African. If Dr. Abiy has to be accused of any crime, it has to be being lenient! … Yes there are people getting jailed for crimes! Politicizing a crime is so inhuman! … whoever is jailed in suspicion of a crime is being released! … people are killed by non government armed people for different reason. Jailing those people is never and will never be a crime! Millions are displaced and killed by “unknown” groups! Abiy’s government is trying to keep the safety of the innocent … in the process there might be casualties and even innocent people might be victims! But he is far from being a dictator… we have seen many in Africa … and he is far from them!

  13. kebede says:

    Dr.Abiy is the best leader of all times…..No one pays attention to such biased , impartial, ethnocentric and politically motivated and orchestrated media campaign

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for standing on the side of truth. Against all hopes and promises, Ethiopia is less democratic and more fragile than ever. Abiy has indeed become a disctator. He replaced all the regional governments, but one, by force; he is arresting people in mass and would never take resppnsibility and almost half of the coubtry is under military rule. I hope he goes to the abys that dictators belomg so soon.

  15. Monster Simon Ateba says:

    Black Africans like him are more interested in other people’s problems rather than his own backyard. He likes to go pick a fight with whomever he likes, because no one wants to be around him or pick a fight with him.

    Why don’t you develop your own people? Why don’t you focus on your own people?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Abiy is a typical representation of OPDO cruelty against the Oromo people!

  17. Tesfay says:

    Abiy must go as soon as possible before he turned Ethiopia Yemen or Syria

  18. Tesfay says:

    Abiy must go as soon as possible before he turned Ethiopia to Yemen or syria

  19. Samuel says:

    It is just unfortunate that the Ethiopian Empire had devil premiers in decorated human flesh ruling the country continuously for more a century. The present one is a very strange one with double juberdy and with so many horns. God save the country from this evil.


    You are right. The fake noble prize winner Abiy Ahmed is killing innocent civilians in oromia region. His solderies are inhuman and cruel .

  21. Fayisa says:

    Yes it become a dectator after get nobel prise. many of his crime unwritten. he made mass killing in oromia. olso arrest varios OFC oromo fedetalist congress member in the region. many young are taken to prision in sidama region……….

  22. Derebe T. says:

    This is a highly biased report from Today News Africa fo using only on Oromos. In fact, Amhara are the most numerous ethnicity and are attacked both by Abiy Ahmed, Oromos/OLF unleashed by Oromos and TPLF. Oromos have been slaughtering millions of Amhara since nomadic Oromos came to Ethiopia in 16th century. Currently, 45000 Amhara students fled from cleansing in universities in Oromia. 17 Amhara students currently abducted by Oromos since 3 months. Many Amhara being killed by Oromos. 17 banks robbed by OLF. Oromos don’t deserve democracy. They deserve state of emergency. Abiy Ahmed and Oromo are all the same.

  23. Ewnetu says:

    Abyi must go before creating more problem and instability in that part of Africa. He is worst pM than all his predecessors. The irony he is an enemy to his own ethic group to please his in-laws

  24. Didaa Cubbuu says:

    I have never seen and heard such absolute dictatorship in any country on the world. He is imposing his personal need on the people of Ethiopia. Systematic killings of influential persons including the country’s army chief. His attempt to kill prominent Oromo activist, JAWAR MOHAMMED”, just because of his objection of the PM’s move to reimpose old suppressive style regime by devolving the current federal system. Killings and imprisonment of ordinary individuals are countless across the country, more than anytime in Ethiopia. The article is at short of addressing the magnitude of political turbulence in Ethiopia !

  25. Daamat ethiopia says:

    To tell frankly, Is doctor Abiyis act as the nation leader? Peopes are laid in every where corner of the country by any gruops. the additional and exceptional evil act of abiy and his puppets is clearning of any rivals in idea he believed cuase for his hope kingness is also his spcial characteristics. I am sure he is equlally love his throne and even can give and sale out any his national soverighnity for externals like Egypt, Arabs and and his boss Us blasters of Africa in General!

  26. Hawani says:

    Daniel, You are the Amahara naftagna with the Oromo Phobic syndrome who chronically hates Oromo. Your support of Abiy comes from the mission of Abiy which he is commiting at the moment against Oromo and other nation nationalities and that is you goal, to eradicate Oromo and demolish Oromia. Abiy nothing but a murderer and a stooge of nafxaynaa.

  27. Anonymous says:

    So when these guys kill innocent people kick them out of their houses and encourage racism in the country you were quiet but when the prime minister takes action he is a dictator hypocrisy at its finest .

  28. Ane says:

    Dear Simon

    Thanks for covering one of the crucial ignored fact of the new dictator in the Horn of Africa.

    It means a lot for Ethiopians, as your article might be the first one to point out the cruelty of this guy.

    It all started when he first travel to Egypt and negotiated to sell the dam- GERD, and get money to ensure his power. And he went back home; killed the chief engineer of the dam.

    Later, he continued by ordering the killing of Amhara regional state’s president and at the same time assassinated the military chief(the killer is released from prison and hosted in Abiy’s palace).

    This are the notable cases, the rest is statistics.

    Abiy must go, otherwise the country will be disintegrated soon.

    My message to you and your colleagues is, keep an eye on the situation as most western medias might ignore it because they don’t want the world to know that their Nobel prize winner son failing, as they are always right with the right medicine.

  29. Biruk Bogale says:

    I think the author of the article either dorsn’t clearly underestood the definition of a dictator or is beeng funded by Amnesty International, a blind poleticaly oriented organization hidding in the bushes of Africa and being silent about the killing of unarmed man byUS police. But, better to listen from us(Ethiopians). We have ever seen such a briliant, wise, kind, modern, talented and democratic leader in our history. He is the hope of Ethiopia and Africa. Come and see what he is doing rather than writting based on jelous gossips from some of his enemies.

  30. Segni says:

    ABIY must go or we will lose Ethiopian

  31. Kinfe says:

    Countless killings!!!!! Abiy and his PP must go before the country is collapsed and crises is occurred in East Africa.

  32. Samuel says:

    I think the publisher of this report is from WOYANE’s group. All the killings has nothing to do with our PM, rather it is related to the conspiracies of OLF group.?

  33. Samuel Melaku says:

    I think the publisher of this report is from WOYANE’s group. All the killings has nothing to do with our PM, rather it is related to the conspiracies of OLF group.?

  34. Nao says:

    Abiy is killer

  35. Nao says:

    U sponcered terror on Ethiopia but failed , now u crimnalize the victms, Abiy is killer!

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