July 14, 2024

Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Decried Harry and Meghan’s Union as ‘Complete Disaster’, Amid Royal Family Tensions

According to a sensational report from the Spectator, Queen Elizabeth II openly voiced her disapproval of Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle, describing Meghan as “malevolent” and their union as a “complete disaster.”

The Queen, the longest-reigning monarch, allegedly revealed Meghan’s true nature and made the uncommon remarks during a Balmoral reception in August, just weeks before her passing, as informed by an insider close to the royals.

The source recalled that the Queen, while conversing with a small group at the pre-dinner drinks, stated that Harry’s encounter with Meghan had been disastrous and portrayed her as malevolent. This unusual comment raised eyebrows, as it was unexpected for the Queen to refer to Meghan in such a manner. The source suggested that the Queen’s deteriorating health and apparent remorse about the situation might have triggered the outburst.

The Spectator insinuated that even prior to the release of Harry’s contentious memoir “Spare” and the couple’s Netflix docu-series, Markle’s relationship with the royal family was likely irreparable. Other insiders also challenged the Californian exiles’ claim of maintaining a close relationship with the Queen, the only senior royal.

Biographer Tom Bower mentioned that the Queen once expressed relief that Meghan would not attend her husband Prince Philip’s funeral. The tension escalated following the Queen’s death, as Harry hastened to her deathbed without his uninvited wife, which only delayed his arrival and reduced his chances of seeing her.

Although they appeared together at her funeral, their conspicuous estrangement from the rest of Harry’s family was emphasized. Markle, 41, will not attend her father-in-law King Charles III’s coronation on Saturday, choosing instead to celebrate her son Prince Archie’s fourth birthday, which falls on the same day.

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1 year ago

The. brothers were brought up knowing they were going to support each other. by bond. Now Harry knows he has lost that and bet you a&$ that’s painful. Harry wanted to move to Hollywood to do docuseries, tell alls, interview circuits and hob nob with celebrities? He did not need all that sh$& but someone else did didnt she?