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Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

RACISM: Nearly one million Trump supporters call on WHO Director General to resign as Republican leader seeks to blame everyone else for his own failures that have left more than 20,000 Americans dead


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  1. WAB says:

    When is the world (especially Africa), going to realise that Dr Tedros is playing the race game because he has been caught for siding with China about the true impact of the COVID19 which is killing people all around the world. He was telling the world what China wanted him to say!

    Are Africans blind?

  2. Hide Behind says:

    He who signs the checks, is your owner, and U along with European PharmaceuticalS own WHO.
    Worse yet is that they in past have had token mothers of their so calledAltrustic organization, and sadly in the past the present director has not been innocent as to many actions in East of aiding Pharmaceuticaluse the poorest of poor and not just in Aricabut I Idia, indigenous peoples to be used as test subjects that we me one Bill gates, who oen interest in pharmas that produce vaccines to make hundreds of millions.
    Political and financial corruption is rampant.
    Teton matter directors eat actions he is uniting not just Africans but poor people world wide as to the rue brutally corrupt actions of US and Europes money before lives identity.
    He needs worldwide supporters and maybe then WHO can become what it was finally tasked with,saving lives.

  3. Lim says:

    the author for this piece is clueless.

    the petition was started by us in the Far East. We were the first to call out against the WHO a week prior to the US shutting down its flights to China.

  4. jojojo says:

    Nobody called for his resignation because of his race – calls for his resignation are based on his incompetence and bias towards China, all the while ignoring Taiwan and even accusing Taiwan of instigating the attacks on him because of his race.

    And please don’t call him ‘doctor Tedros’ because he does not have a medical degree – he is a microbiology graduate who happens to have a PhD (hence the ‘doctor’ title which does not mean Sh*t).

  5. Kelf says:

    Just wondering Are sweden trump supporters?useles post . The WHO liers to the world all You can come up is trump supporters who want the man sacked.

  6. Amanita says:

    FAKE HEADLINES: “Nearly one million Trump supporters call on WHO Director General to resign…”.

    The petition started Feb 1, 2020. By the time Trump openly criticized corrupt Tedros, there were already over 700,000 online signatures demanding Tedros resign. Not all of us like or support Trump but he is correct in his criticism of the WHO. Tedros and Aylward should resign to save whatever is left of WHO.

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