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Raw video: A Nigerian wife, her Nigerian husband and his African-American baby mama in dirty fight

A woman from Ondo town, Southwest Nigeria, has tackled her Nigerian husband also from Ondo town, and it was all captured on camera. The couple lives in the state of Maryland in the United States. 

It is a love affair that has turned ugly. The story involves a Nigerian woman, her Nigerian husband and his African-American baby mama.


As the story goes, the Nigerian wife has been unable to bear children since she got married a few years ago, and her husband began seeing other women in the United States while they were still married. One or some of those women gave birth.

But trouble started and quickly hit the ceiling when the man tried to move one of his baby mamas into his marital home, and attempted to evict his legitimate wife.

In case you missed what we just wrote. The man went to Ondo State in Nigeria and got married to an Ondo girl. She joined him in the United States.  But she has not been able to give birth and the man began sleeping around and impregnating other women. 

He then asked one of the women, his African-American baby mama, to come live with him, even though he was still legally married to his Nigerian wife.

The woman felt enough was enough and called police, and that’s where the video recording starts.

His African-American mistress is said to be one of the women in the video. She is also recording, probably to show how violent the wife is, and how innocent his lover is.

The Nigerian wife is heard saying the man brought her all the way from Nigeria to maltreat her in the United States. 

The video shows the woman calling police and preventing the man she refers to as her husband from leaving the house, all this, while his baby mama and the baby mama’s friends are also in the house.

The writeup below explains the full story.


The man has been given a restraining order. 

This story would be updated as events unfold. 


But her story is not unique. Many African men’s relationships often collapse once they are in the United States. There are many serious African men who are faithful to their wives, but also many who dump their Nigerian wives with children for American women. 

Simon Ateba | Washington DC
Simon Ateba | Washington DC
Born in a small village in Cameroon, groomed in Nigeria's most populous city of Lagos, and now in Washington D.C. to practice journalism at a global level, Simon is an investigative journalist and publisher of TODAY NEWS AFRICA, USA based in Washington DC

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