Read what they are saying about Biden’s executive order strengthening American manufacturing

President Biden on Monday signed an executive order strengthening American manufacturing, making real his commitment to buy American.

The White House said by signing the executive order, President Biden was “honoring his promise to take bold action to revitalize manufacturing, strengthen the economy, and ensure the nation’s future is made in America by all of America’s workers.”

A broad range of leaders and organizations applauded the President and emphasized the impact the order could have on communities across the country.

See below for highlights:

Department of Transportation: “The Department of Transportation is a strong supporter of Buy American and we applaud President Biden for taking bold action today to ensure our future is made in America — and by American workers. Crises we face have created an opportunity to build back our economy better than before, and President Biden’s executive order will empower us to be a central force in our country’s recovery. We look forward to implementing President Biden’s Made in America executive order that will ensure transportation-related capital purchases, equipment, and supplies are acquired when available… With these goals in mind, the Department stands ready to help President Biden create good-paying, union jobs, and strengthen the middle class.” [Statement, 1/25/21]

National Association of Manufacturers President and CEO Jay Timmons: “Manufacturers applaud President Biden’s focus on growing the manufacturing base in the United States, which is vital not only for America’s economic strength and job creation but also to prepare for future health crises. Any successful manufacturing policy must ensure we can lead our economic recovery by strengthening supply chains and accelerating onshoring, through incentives for creating the next job or investing the next dollar right here in America…We look forward to working with the Biden administration to grow manufacturing in the United States, while also protecting access to critical global supply chains and the resources that our lifesaving and life-changing products require.” [Statement, 1/25/21]

Ford: “While we look forward to reviewing the details of this specific action, Ford believes that investing in America, its people, goods and services, must be a national mission. We’ve been supporting communities and families across the country for 117 years, and we’re proud to employ more UAW workers and assemble more vehicles in America than any other automaker. President Biden’s early focus on investing in American manufacturing is critical to the continued success of the U.S. auto industry.” [Statement 1/25/21]

General Motors: “General Motors is encouraged by President Biden’s commitment to supporting American manufacturing and looks forward to reviewing the details of the order. In the U.S., General Motors has more than 85,000 employees across 118 facilities and has invested more than $29 billion in US facilities since 2009, accounting for more than 26 percent of investments by U.S. automakers. Recent investment announcements in U.S. manufacturing include $2.2 billion in Factory Zero, Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly to build an all-electric assembly plant and $2 billion in Spring Hill, Tennessee to transition the plant to build electric vehicles.” [Statement, 1/25/21]

American Waterways Operators: “As the national trade association for the American tugboat, towboat and barge industry, The American Waterways Operators commends President Biden for reaffirming his strong support for the Jones Act in the opening days of his administration. The Jones Act is the foundation for every dollar AWO member companies invest in American-built vessels and every job they provide for Americans across the country. We look forward to working with the President and his team to strengthen the American maritime industry, which is crucial to our national, homeland and economic security.” [Statement, 1/25/21]

Kevin Dempsey, president and CEO of the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI): “We strongly support President Biden’s action today. We are pleased that today’s executive order will tighten up the process for considering waivers to existing domestic preference requirements and will also increase domestic content requirements for defining what constitutes a product that is made in the United States.  We applaud President Biden for affirming his commitment to ‘Build Back Better’ by enforcing and improving programs to ensure taxpayer dollars are used for products made in America – most significantly, the use of American steel.” [Statement, 1/25/21]

Senator Bob Casey: “This executive order fulfills President Biden’s promise to ensure that the future is made in America, by America’s workers. These investments will help create good paying union jobs, improve labor standards and build back our economy better where everybody has a fair shot at the middle class.” [Twitter, 1/25/21]

Senator Rick Scott: “Last year, the Senate passed my bipartisan resolution calling on families to buy American-made products whenever possible to help support American jobs and manufacturing, and build our supply chain. It’s not always easy to buy American, but it’s an important step we can all take at home to ensure America remains a leader in the global economy and is self-reliant in our supply chain. Buying American is not partisan, and I’m glad to see President Biden join me in acting to put American interests first.” [Statement, 1/25/21]

Senator Amy Klobuchar: “President Biden campaigned on a Buy American plan. Today he’s keeping his promise.” [Twitter, 1/25/21]

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: “Excellent news for American workers, unions and manufacturers—today’s executive order will help speed our country’s economic recovery.” [Twitter, 1/25/21]

Senator Tammy Baldwin: “For four years, I pushed Trump on #BuyAmerican but while we got a lot of talk and tweets, he failed to deliver. It’s great to now have a @POTUS taking action. #BuildBackBetter.”  [Twitter, 1/25/21]Senator Martin Heinrich: “Spending American tax dollars on American goods and services is just a no-brainer.” [Twitter, 1/25/21]

Majority Whip James Clyburn: “In order to rebuild our economy, we must support American businesses and American workers. President Biden’s latest Executive Order will direct the federal government to strengthen buy-American requirements for procuring goods and services.” [Twitter, 1/25/21]

Leader Hoyer: “For 11 years, I’ve led House Democrats’ Make It in America plan to create jobs and expand access to economic opportunity. I applaud @POTUS for today’s ‘Buy American’ executive order which is a first step to grow the economy & help Americans get ahead.” [Twitter, 1/25/21]

Rep. Veronica Escobar: “It’s simple. Buy American. @POTUS‘ new Executive Order will support our struggling manufacturers, businesses, and workers to ensure that our recovery and future is made by the hardworking people of El Paso and the rest of the nation.” [Twitter, 1/25/21]

Rep. Soto: “American businesses have faced unprecedented hardship during the #COVID19 pandemic. If we want to build back our economy, we’ve got to #BuyAmerican. Thank you, @POTUS, for putting American workers in Florida and across the country first.” [Twitter, 1/25/21]

Rep. Norcross: “Purchasing American manufactured products is fundamental to rebuilding and sustaining a strong economy. @POTUS understands this better than anyone which is why I applaud his “Buy American” executive order. #BuildBackBetter.” [Twitter, 1/25/21]

Rep. Chrissy Houlahan: “Our ‘Buy American’ rules haven’t been strong enough to drive demand for [Pennsylvania] manufacturing jobs. Until now. With this action, our federal dollars will buy more American goods, employ more American workers, and rebuild our economy.” [Twitter, 1/25/21] 

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