Review of WP Content Guard/WP File Shield plugin. Why you should not buy it for your WordPress site. How it broke our own website

With many people stealing or scraping our original content, we were looking for a reliable solution to protect our website. We found one guy online who made many promises. He claimed he and his small team of ‘developers’ had successfully come up with the ultimate solution to prevent website scraping and even ‘copy and paste thieves’ from reaping where they did not sow.

We purchased his WordPress plugin, known as WP Content Guard or WP Content Shield.

The original price was about $14. We got the plugin, but it began to malfunction almost immediately.

For instance, the featured pictures were not loading. They were all broken. And once a picture was broken, if we tried another picture, that one also was broken and corrupted.

And so, we thought, maybe we should upgrade further to a more expensive version that promised even more benefits.

That other version promised to send readers back to our site if someone had stolen our content and republish it on their site without our permission. It also said it would rename the file or content stolen from our website with the name of our own website. For instance, it would say “this content was taken from this website……”


It was all beautiful. We spent an additional $20 to buy the upgraded version of the first plugin. Money was not really the problem. We just wanted to protect our content from scrapers.

After installing WP Content Guard plugin, we got even more problems. The featured images were all broken, and the code it promised to send to the other websites that stole our content began appearing on our own website with a black background.

We then realized that many more pictures became corrupted. Up to now, the pictures remain corrupted, even after deleting the plugin.

We got in touch with the developer/marketer, we were treated very badly and were refunded. But even after we were refunded, the damage had been done. The plugin had installed many codes into our website that continue to break many pictures on our website. It seems the damage to us is now permanent.

Our recommendation would be not to purchase it. The idea behind the plugin is great. And I believe the developers meant well. By trying to protect people’s websites, they were trying to protect those who work very hard but are scammed by many people who just sit down, copy and paste their content without permission and attribution.

But the product still has many problems and it may likely break your website and cause more damage. It was not the first time we tried to purchase it. We first purchased it three years ago and it did not work well.

The lack of support even led to angry exchanges. But three years after, we thought the plugin had been improved and customer service had also been improved. But to our surprised, the plugin caused more damage this time, than it did three years ago and the customer service was worse than it was three years ago.

This has been our experience with WP Content Guard plugin and we are still paying a heavy cost until now. Some of the content that was broken from our site took many years of hard work and tens of thousands of dollars over those years. But now, it’s all affected and corrupted. It’s sad.

We will release some YouTube videos on the topic and other plugins on the market that have caused problems to our website in the coming weeks.

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