Simon Ateba


Simon is the President, Founder and Senior international correspondent at Today News Africa, based in Washington DC, USA

Noah Pitcher


As a US and global politics writer at Today News Africa, Noah specializes in covering the White House. He's based in California, USA.

Kristi Pelzel


Kristi is the Senior Director of Global Communications, managing creative strategies, writing, and reporting based in Washington DC, USA

Aon Ali


Aon is a correspondent at Today News Africa based in Washington, DC, USA. He writes about US foreign policy and international affairs.

Oladipupo Oni


Oladipupo is the Africa Bureau Chief and a Director at Today News Africa based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Mason Witzler


Mason Witzler is an International Foreign Policy writer at Today News Africa. He is based in Maryland, USA.

Lindsey O'Neal


Lindsey is Today News Africa correspondent in Florida, USA. She writes on foreign policy, environmentalism, and national security.

Henry Kohn


Henry is an International Policy Writer at Today News Africa covering U.S. Foreign Policy, the State Department, and state visits. He's based in DC, USA.

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