Sick Nigerian Shi’ite leader Sheikh Zakzaky departs India without treatment amid row

WASHINGTON (TODAY NEWS AFRICA USA) – The sick Nigerian Shi’ite leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has departed India along with his sick wife without medical treatment amid row with the Indian and the Nigerian governments.

Newswire PRNigeria said the charismatic religious leader departed New Delhi in a commercial airline at 5pm Nigerian time after the Indian hospital assigned unknown doctors to treat him, raising fear they may try to harm or kill him in connivance with the Nigerian government.

Mr. Zakzaky who had been in detention for more than four years in Nigeria was released weeks ago to seek medical treatment abroad.

But once in India, he realized those meant to treat him had been suddenly replaced by unknown doctors. He rejected their services and asked that he be treated by the chosen ones, a request the government rejected and threatened to send him back to Nigeria without medical assistance.

His departure followed a lack of breakthrough in the impasse that ensued over his treatment in New Delhi.

In a video message sent through his office, the Sheikh said it was decided that they would be flown back to Nigeria.

He prayed that may that be the best option in the circumstances.

A top member of of Islamic Human Right Commission (IHRC) which negoatiated the medical treatment in India said that the Nigerian government’s interference and scuttling of the whole process rather than supervision as ordered by the court is the direct cause of the impasse.

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