June 22, 2024

Simon Ateba: Why The Washington Post was Ordered to do a Hit Job on me

Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba

I believe The Washington Post was ordered to do a hit piece on me because on July 31, all White House hard passes would expire, and the White House would need a reason not to renew mine.

Currently, the Senate Press Gallery has taken almost a month to approve my application, and without that, you cannot reapply for renewal. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some coordination. As you can see, it’s not about doing your job or trying to strengthen US-Africa ties with accurate and relevant information as China and Russia expand and push the US out, leaving me disgusted.

It is about supporting the state, crushing the person trained to do the job and has done only one job since leaving college. It’s about going after perceived enemies and opponents. It’s about intentionally undermining US-Africa ties and tarnishing the reputation of an individual with the influence and platform to make a difference.

I have an audience of nearly half a million people on Twitter and reach 200 million people every month because I grasped the fundamental secret of life: It’s about the job, the people, and the betterment of humanity. You must learn to suppress your emotions, judgments, envy, jealousy, racism, and tribalism and focus on what is most important for your community.

By doing so, you would treat all individuals fairly, maintain an open mind, and create content that resonates with your audience. When you fail to do so, you may pose the type of offensive and foolish question that the Washington Post reporter sent me, asking if I was merely seeking television exposure in my work.

When that reporter tweets, it goes unnoticed. I could teach him a thing or two, but his ego holds him captive, preventing him from advancing beyond his current position. He will likely continue to target individuals like me until the Washington Post eventually phases him out. Two weeks ago, another publication sent a reporter from another state to my house to interview me, spending the night in DC and talking for hours.

I agreed I would not discuss the details until the article is published, perhaps this week. I hope it will not be another hit job. By trying to do a hit job, the Washington Post missed a bigger story. Now they are trying to ASSASSINATE my character and defame me in the eyes of Left America. May God have mercy on them.

This opinion article was written by White House Correspondent Simon Ateba

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