Somalia’s president dumps U.S. citizenship

WASHINGTON – The President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has dumped the citizenship of the United States, his office said in a statement on Thursday.

President Mohamed made the decision voluntarily with lawyers involved, after his election win two years ago, the statement posted on twitter said.

The statement said the process is now complete, adding that Somalia’s constitution allows for dual citizenship.

The Associated Press said Mohamed lived for many years in the United States, working as a New York state transportation department official in Buffalo before being elected Somalia’s president in February 2017. He is expected to run again in the 2021 election.

mohamed a mohamed scull
Somalia Prime Minister and former Grand Island resident Mohamed A. Mohamed is interviewed in his Buffalo,NY hotel room on Sunday, March 13, 2011 with his wife , Saynab Maollim, and son Magan Mohamed. {The Buffalo News, Harry Scull Jr}

AP added that “he and other Somali officials with dual citizenship have faced accusations by some in the Horn of Africa nation that they lack complete loyalty to their country.
During his time in office, the U.S. has dramatically increased airstrikes against the Somali-based al-Shabab extremist group, re-established its diplomatic presence in Somalia and even presented Mohamed with a trucker cap that said “Make Somalia Great Again.”

“I am proud to serve my people and always believe in their potential to rebuild this nation,” the president tweeted on Thursday.

“I am neither discouraged by our past, nor daunted by the enormity of the task ahead. I will continue serving my people honestly with the firm belief that real power rests with the people.”

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