SPN raises red alert over deplorable Lagos roads in the city of ‘excellence’


The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) has raised the alert over Lagos deplorable road, blaming the All Progressives Congress government in the city of “excellence”

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Lagos roads are in deplorable conditions due to failure of Lagos state governments’ Corrupt Contract System

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bad Lagos road

Public Works under Workers Democratic and Transparent management and Planned Integrated Transport System is the solution

The roads across Lagos State are not only in deplorable conditions, in some cases, they are death traps. The Lagos State Chapter of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) condemns the present and past Lagos State APC-led governments for allowing the roads to decay, collapse and deteriorate to a terrible level. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu recently said that work could not commence because of the rain. This is not a tenable excuse because there was no construction of roads during the wet season break for almost a month in August 2019.

Rather than respond to the problem by fixing the roads, the Lagos State Government is churning out more draconian traffic laws that penalize motorists who are the victims of bad governance and the exploitative capitalist system of government.

The SPN Lagos State Chapter blamed the decay of road infrastructures on the ruling elite pursuit of profit and greed through the corrupt contract system that makes the construction of roads, bridges and other projects to be much more expensive. The practice is that contracts are awarded with inflated cost to accommodate the greedy interest of the awardees (political office holders). Currently, the cost of constructing of infrastructural projects in Nigeria is one of the highest in the world. According to the World Bank, the average cost of construction of one kilometre of road is one billion Naira in Nigeria whereas the benchmark is N238 million. The implication for the economy is that the ruling elite in collaboration with the owners of the construction firms are looting public resources. 

Communities and the populace suffer as a result of bad roads, drainages, canals and bridges resulting in massive flooding. The inalienable right of movement is deprived, particularly whenever it rains such that people are trapped to a location until the flooding subsides while the most unlucky lose their property to flooding. At least 60% of traffic congestion is linked to bad roads, one of the legacies of the capitalist ruling elite that has resulted in Lagos becoming the worst city to live in. People and goods spend long hours trapped on the congested roads daily resulting in quantum economic loss for residents and the public.

Lagos is stupendously rich. Therefore it is possible to ensure the provision of motorable roads and an integrated modern public transportation system to rid Lagos of the nightmarish traffic congestion. For this to happen, the corrupt contract system has to end. With a radical socialist program based on nationalization (public ownership) of the big construction/cement/steel companies alongside the nationalization of the commanding heights (Banks, oil companies etc) of the economy and compensation to be paid on proven needs while placing it under democratic and transparent management of workers and communities. it is possible to build a modern integrated public transportation system in Lagos State and Nigeria. This will also ensure the planning and construction of roads, drainages, canals, bridges etc., and integrating the road, sea/river, rail and air into one system to meet the needs of all.          


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