Statement as Facebook racially targets Simon Ateba, publisher of TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington D.C.

Simon Ateba, the publisher of TODAY NEWS AFRICA is being racially targeted by #Facebook.

Over the past few days, he’s been restricted on Facebook. His posts are not being shown to anyone. Check here and here.

He’s been blocked also from using his Facebook groups and posts on his Facebook pages are not being shown to anyone. Confirm here.

He’s appealed and complained but because he’s not white, newspapers here, many of them racist publications, will not write about it.

On the surface, it looks like liberal newspapers are different from conservative newspapers. But in reality, they seem to have a lot of similarities when it comes to what to highlight and what not to highlight.

Simon Ateba made the following posts today on his Facebook page, which obviously were not shown to anyone.

But you can read them here. But first, here are the posts Facebook claimed went against their community standards and blocked him for posting them.



Post 1:

“#Facebook will likely not show you this post. You know, here in the United States, a black man is supposed to be a criminal and a stupid person. He is supposed to also be homeless. And he’s also supposed to be shot by a cop. You know the cop will say give me your papers, and while he’s bringing them out, he will quickly kill him and claim he thought he was bringing out a gun.

So, a black man is supposed to have a gun, be high on drugs, be a criminal and a stupid person. That’s the general, pent up expectation. I am none of that. I am smart, intelligent, creative, ambitious and hardworking.

I am succeeding and deserve to succeed and have a lot of money and recognition after working hard and smart for years. And so, as #Facebook wages a lost war against me and blocks all my posts from being seen by my friends, followers and fans, as they restrict my activities and try to silence me in what appears to be racially motivated, I will not go down to their level. With money, no money, fame, no fame, recognition, no recognition, I know who I am and Facebook and all others cannot change it. I took this picture a few days ago at my co-working space. Almost everyone had gone, except a French girl with a beautiful French-English accent, whatever that means, who took this picture. I should have left also but had one final task to complete”

Simon Ateba working 
Simon Ateba working in Washington DC

Post 2

“I don’t know if it’s #racism, a #software issue or pure #coincidence. But #Facebook or its software seems to be ‘at war’ with me.

I would like to believe it’s just a software issue as I try to refrain from quickly concluding as I may be wrong. But the recent events are just a bit surprising to me. First they blocked me for sharing articles published by The #WashingtonPost, The #NYTimes#Reuters#AP#Axios #CNN #TheHill and all the rest.

They even blocked me when I was calling for #peace in #Iran. Then, they blocked me for publishing in groups, joining new groups, even when those groups were mine, saying there were suspicious activities there. When I appealed all of that, they went to dig a post I made in 2012, over 8 years ago and said they were taking it off #facebook.

I believe it might just be a software issue as I refuse to believe that Facebook would target someone like me. I am not a powerful figure and have only about 200 thousand people following my personal page and our other #facebook pages for But those recent events have made me to believe that something is wrong.

I don’t know if it’s #racially motivated as #Facebook remains a very white company. So I do not know yet. Chances are you won’t see this post also as Facebook has not been showing my posts to 99 percent of the people. Friends on Facebook ask me “where have you been?” They say I am not posting on Facebook. They do not know that I am but #facebook or its software is waging a war against me……It’s a waste of time as recently, I realized that 60 percent of our readers were coming from Google not even Facebook.

I am not upset as I have done the right things on #facebook, but #facebook seems to be at war. You know in the United States a black man is ‘supposed’ to be a criminal and stupid. I am none. I am intelligent, smart, well connected, ambitious and clean. So whether Facebook blocks me for one year or ten years, I will just keep moving on. I will use other platforms and become popular there. So #facebook rise to the occasion or waste your time, not mine”.

Chief White House Correspondent for

Simon Ateba is Chief White House Correspondent for Today News Africa. Simon covers President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, the U.S. government, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other financial and international institutions in Washington D.C. and New York City.

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