June 12, 2024

Stella Escobedo and Alicia Summers, Two Rising Stars of One America News, Shine with Accurate Reporting and Transparency

Stella Escobedo and Alicia Summers
Stella Escobedo and Alicia Summers are rising stars at One America News (OAN)

Stella Escobedo and Alicia Summers, rising stars at One America News (OAN), are making waves with their commitment to accurate reporting and transparency. They are rapidly amassing massive social followings and garnering hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok, while simultaneously establishing their influential presence on Twitter and other platforms as trusted voices in American journalism.

Escobedo, who came to the United States as a refugee from the former USSR at a young age, values freedom of speech and understands the importance of presenting both sides of a story as a fair and balanced journalist.

With a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Southern California, Escobedo has spent nearly two decades in mainstream media, witnessing the changing landscape of news coverage.

Stella Escobedo
Stella with her father , sister and a cousin in Sioux City , Iowa , after leaving Russia in 1989.

Escobedo shares her observations about the shift in media narrative during the Trump presidency. She noticed relentless attacks on the former president regardless of his actions, and Republicans being vilified by mainstream media. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated the situation, with dissenting voices being censored and true stories from the community going unreported.

Stella Escobedo
Stella Escobedo

Escobedo witnessed the suppression of information related to lockdown frustrations and vaccine injuries like myocarditis, leading to vaccine hesitancy. While she acknowledges the presence of excellent journalists in mainstream media, she laments that many reporters feel compelled to say things they don’t believe in order to maintain their jobs. Escobedo attributes this phenomenon to liberal managers and producers who dominate newsrooms and shape newscasts with their biased perspectives.

Similarly, Alicia Summers, whose mother immigrated from China in the 1970s, shares deep concerns about the direction the country is heading. Summers and her mother have noticed early signs of communism at home, drawing parallels to her mother’s experiences in China. They recognize the deceptive tactics used by Communist leaders to silence dissent and suppress traditional values.

Summers, who graduated from University of California San Diego with a bachelors degree in political science and a minor in communications, has observed similar trends in America today, where lawful speech is censored if it contradicts the leftist mainstream narrative. She highlights the fear of negative consequences that often leads to self-censorship and compliance with a particular viewpoint. Summers also echoes her mother’s concerns about the use of government agencies against political opponents.

Alicia Summers
Alicia Summers

Both Escobedo and Summers emphasize the importance of individual freedoms and liberties. Their shared stories and experiences have deepened their understanding of the potential dangers of losing these rights if they are not protected.

While acknowledging the presence of excellent journalists in mainstream media, Escobedo and Summers stand out for their commitment to accurate reporting and their transparency about their own perspectives and backgrounds. As rising stars at OAN, Escobedo and Summers bring a fresh perspective to the news landscape.

Their dedication to providing accurate information and their willingness to openly discuss their views make them influential voices in an industry that sometimes lacks diversity of thought. By challenging the prevailing narrative and shedding light on unreported stories, they contribute to a more balanced and informed public discourse.

However, if you were to Google their names, you would come across a different narrative. The top search results consist of hit pieces from Rolling Stone and Media Matters for America, both known for their left-wing bias and their apparent mission to discredit conservative voices. These articles portray Stella Escobedo and Alicia Summers as hosts from One America News (OAN) who have garnered substantial TikTok followings by sharing OAN content without disclosing their affiliation with the network.

However, a closer look at the situation reveals a different story. The hit pieces published by Rolling Stone and Media Matters for America appear to be aimed at tarnishing their reputation and discrediting them, rather than presenting factual information.

For instance, a simple Google search or a visit to their social media profiles reveals that Stella Escobedo and Alicia Summers openly disclose their affiliation with One America News (OAN) in their TikTok videos and profiles. Contrary to the claim of intentionally concealing their affiliation, they provide clear information about where they work.

Rolling Stone’s allegations that their TikTok videos are filled with misinformation is unfounded. Escobedo counters this by highlighting that her videos are based on factual reporting. In one example given by the outlet, they falsely claim Escobedo misinformed people about rainbow fentanyl. Escobedo counters that by saying she interviewed a former DEA agent on the concern of rainbow fentanyl, which was also published on the DEA’s website.

Similarly, the claim that Escobedo and Summers are associated with an “anti-trans outfit” called Gays Against Groomers on TikTok is misleading. Escobedo clarifies that Gays Against Groomers is a non-profit coalition focused on addressing the sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization of children under the guise of LGBTQI+ advocacy. It does not promote hate or violence, contrary to the Rolling Stone’s assertion.

Moreover, the accusation that they have not responded to requests for comment is laughable. Escobedo reveals that she was contacted by one of the writers just hours before the article was published, leaving her with insufficient time to provide a proper response. It is clear that the intent was not to seek balanced journalism but to delegitimize her.

The phony research conducted by Media Matters for America and the subsequent hit piece by Rolling Stone reflect the dark side of journalism and partisan politics. Facts are distorted to push a particular agenda and assassinate the characters of those who hold differing views.

Escobedo and Summers, with their unique backgrounds and experiences, offer valuable perspectives that contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. Their commitment to accuracy and transparency serves as a positive example for journalists in today’s media landscape. It is essential to prioritize factual reporting and respect diverse viewpoints, rather than resorting to agenda-driven attacks.

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jerry t silovich
jerry t silovich
1 year ago

i am a loyal viewer of OANN since Soros moneon mia matter GDI