Justice Ademola

Nigeria Tenders Cash, Guns Recovered From Justice Ademola, Judge Who Defied Buhari

A Nigerian judge, who granted bails to people the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari was prosecuting for corruption, and repeatedly blasted the government for disobeying court orders, is now being prosecuted for corruption himself.Justice Adeniyi Ademola; his wife, Olabowale;...
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BREAKING: President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone lifts ban on pregnant girls attending school

Sierra Leone announced on Monday that the 2010 government decision preventing pregnant girls from attending school and...
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BREAKING: Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo state in Nigeria tests positive for coronavirus

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State in Southwest Nigeria has tested positive for coronavirus.Makinde said he was...

BREAKING: Another person dies from COVID-19 in Nigeria lifting total death toll to 2 from 111 infections

A second person has died from COVID-19 in Nigeria, bringing the total death toll in Africa's most populous country to two,...

BREAKING: Facebook invests $100 million to support the news industry through COVID-19 pandemic

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Monday that Facebook will invest $100 million to support the news industry through COVID-19.

African heads of state set up anti-COVID-19 fund during unprecedented teleconference

African heads of state and government have held their first teleconference amid coronavirus pandemic and set up a $12.5 million anti-COVID-19...
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