July 14, 2024

Texas Mall Shooter Mauricio Garcia Leaves Disturbing Voicemail; Investigation Explores Domestic Terrorism and Neo-Nazi Ties

The Texas mall shooter, Mauricio Garcia, who ruthlessly killed eight individuals and injured seven more at Allen Premium Outlets, left an unsettling voicemail on his cellphone, as reported by Fox News Digital.

The message revealed Garcia’s fixation on money as he addressed different groups such as his phone service provider, parents, financial aid organization, friends, and women.

Recent information has come to light that Garcia was dismissed from the US Army in 2008 due to concerns regarding his mental health, as per law enforcement sources. Presently, investigators are reportedly exploring whether the appalling attack was a case of domestic terrorism while also delving into Garcia’s potential neo-Nazi affiliations.

Indications of such inclinations can be found in his social media accounts, which showcase white supremacist ideologies, and a patch on his attire with the acronym “RWDS” (Right Wing Death Squad) — a term frequently used by white supremacist groups.

Though Garcia had no prior criminal record, he resided with his parents and had arranged for a prolonged stay at a motel close by. As the inquiry progresses, officials strive to uncover further details about Garcia’s intentions and history in an attempt to comprehend the rationale behind this heinous act.

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