The brutal killing of Asian American women by Robert Aaron at massage parlors in Atlanta

On Tuesday night, March 16 in Cherokee County Atlanta Georgia,  21-year-old Robert Aaron Long shot and killed eight women at three different spa locations, six of them being Asian-American women.

Initially, Media outlets, citizens, and other sources expressed concerns that these shootings were linked to other racially motivated killings of Asian Americans as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, there has been a clear increase in racially motivated violent incidents, including killings, toward Asian-Americans. In the year 2020, there has been 20-110 percent increases in Asian- American deaths across 14 states compared to their yearly averages from 2015-2019. These incidents have been linked to hate motivated scapegoat blaming for causing the COVID-19.

In response, many Asian-American communities have been on edge and racial empowerment groups have been speaking out against the issue. Fueled by motivation for equality, this year has been characterized by the people and racial empowerment groups seeking concrete change.

Racial hate is a topic that many citizens and media sources have been quick to cling to, narrowing their attention in order to create a racially motivated narrative. People want positive change, and they want to be apart of that change. So they  direct their attention for race based incidences and proudly advertise their disgust in what seems to be a display of racially motivated hatred.

However, haven undergone investigation since Tuesday, the killings of the 6 Asian-Americans at 3 spa’s has not been linked to racial motivation.

Although it is still under investigation, after being arrested and questioned, the suspect Robert Aaron Long admitted that the murders were a display of his hatred towards his own sexual addiction for which he blamed the spa industry played a part in.  Captain Jay Baker, the spokesperson for Cherokee County Sheriffs office on the case, explain that the suspect may have frequented those very spa locations.

As of today, Authorities are still continuing to investigate in order to find out more details that relate to any other motivations behind the killings.

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