The presidency in Nigeria has attacked us on Twitter over $2.2 billion World Bank loan. Here is our reply

Tolu Ogunlesi, a former small columnist for The Punch newspaper who left that Lagos-based publication to do some small social media propaganda for President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja, attacked Simon Ateba, the publisher of TODAY NEWS AFRICA in Washington DC and all our readers on Twitter over series of articles we have done on about the $2.2 billion loan (About a trillion naira loan) the Nigerian finance minister Zainab Ahmed secured from the World Bank here in Washington DC last Tuesday.

The biggest amount in the loan, $650 million (about 238 billion naira), is for immunization/malaria. The Nigerian Minister of Finance told the World Bank Nigeria needed 238 billion naira for Malaria/immunization and the World Bank agreed. You need to understand, the World Bank is first of all a business entity. The 238 billion naira for malaria/immunization can be used to build at least 238 high-class hospitals.

Buhari praying

How do you even monitor a project called ‘immunization/malaria’? How can Nigerians follow?

These loans are being taken even as Transparency International recently said corruption was escalating in Nigeria under Buhari, a retired Major-General with little knowledge on how to grow an economy.

Apart from little Tolu, other senior administration officials called, spewing the same nonsense.

The last time we met Tolu was last September in New York at the United Nations General Assembly. He was following Buhari here and there, trying to capture a few small pictures and videos with his phone do some small social media propaganda after he was flown to the US with Nigerian money.

Our team had gone from Washington DC and rented our AirBnB and paid for all our financial needs to give you guys coverage for half a month in New York.

You can decide to listen to propaganda or to the real story. And the real story is the loans being taken by Buhari are too vague. (You can read it here).

The World Bank will not be able to monitor anything. In the end, all Nigerians will pay back the multi-billion dollar loans. And because these loans are repaid over decades, the truth is your kids and grand kids will have to pay them. Meanwhile, Buhari would have left in 2023, Tolu maybe earlier than that in 2020 December. But the burden would be left behind.

So let the presidency keep attacking our publisher and all our readers, let senior government officials keep attacking us and our readers, let Nigerians in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and Port Harcourt who may not have electricity as they read this keep attacking us and all our readers. We have served you with the truth and the truth shall set you free, IF YOU EMBRACE IT.

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