November 26, 2022

The world should hear the cries of Oromo people in Ethiopia

abiy ahmed
Abiy Ahmed
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Last updated on October 2nd, 2022 at 06:55 pm

The Oromo people in Ethiopia are good people and the world should hear their cries for justice, equality, peace, liberty, democracy and freedom. They are the largest ethnic group in Ethiopia and represent 34.5% of the population.

Although the word Oromo appeared in European literature for the first time in 1893 and slowly became common in the second half of the 20th century, the Oromo people have a rich history dating back thousands of years and beyond. They have always existed and their rich culture bears testimony to their long quest for peace, equality and justice.

However, in the past few months, their country, Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous nation after Nigeria, has again been engulfed in a major crisis.

Right now, tens of thousands of Ethiopians are in prison for political reasons, including opposition leaders, and all media outlets, except those fully controlled by or affiliated to the Prosperity Party, are closed. Tension is escalating by the day, and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali is failing to resolve the many crises in the country.

Outrage exploded last June after the killing of a popular Oromo singer Hachalu Hundiessa sparked massive riots that quickly snowballed into fighting in most parts of western and southern Oromia between armed forces Oromo Liberation Front fighters and government forces.

The killing of Hachalu Hundiessa, the riots and the confrontations occurred as the opposition parties in Oromia were preparing for resistance, following the decision of the government to continue in power beyond its mandate at the end of September 2020 citing the novel coronavirus.

As the protests rocked much of the Oromia region, many businesses and shops were torched or looted, while the government response to the riots left 178 people dead and a further 9,000 detained without due process of law, according to human rights organizations.

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The internet was shut, curfews imposed, even as the public mistrust grew deeper amid confusing statements by the government, the arrest of opposition leaders and the failure to set up an independent inquiry into the artiste’s killing.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made things worse in Oromia by purging over 1,700 local administrators and civil servants, dismissing senior officials, including Lemma Megersa, the Defense Minister, a former ally who was considered pivotal in prime minister’s rise to power.

All these missteps led to a political crisis that is currently not showing any signs of abating, rather, many fear it may get even worse.

Many bodies and people have tried to intervene. For instance, the African Union has been called upon to mediate between prime minister Abiy Ahmed’s government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front while a US-based Ethiopian working group has urged Washington to play a more prominent role in the escalating crisis.

Some high profile senators in the United States also wrote a petition calling on the US secretary of state to urge the government in Ethiopia to free opposition leaders and others, warning that the crisis was escalating.

Beth Daley writing for The Conversation noted that the “ongoing riots in Oromia and Wolayta; state fragmentation in the Amhara region, and the standoff between the federal government and the Tigray region have put the survival of the government in question.”

She wrote: “The Wolayta people in the country’s south have long agitated for a regional state of their own. The claims have become louder since December 2018 when the neighboring Sidama people secured a referendum to form their own regional state – breaking away from the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Regional state.

“The constitution recognises the right of any nation or nationality clustered in any of the regional states to form its own state. Following the steps required, the council of representatives of the Wolayta zone unanimously voted for a regional state, and presented its decision on December 19, 2018. But this has yet to be considered at regional or federal levels or referred to the Electoral Board.

“In protest at the silence, the Wolayta organised a massive rally and the 38 representatives to the regional council declined to attend the council meeting. The federal government responded to these developments by detaining dozens of zonal officials, elected members of the Wolayta statehood council, political party leaders, and civil society actors.

“The regime also acted violently against peaceful demonstrators demanding the release of those detained. The government also suspended a community radio station and shut down offices of civil society organizations.”

Daley concluded that “events in Oromia and Wolayta illustrate the point that the current Ethiopian problem is not limited to a dispute between the federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). It is a national one.”

It is our belief that for peace and confidence to return, Abiy Ahmed should release all political prisoners and reopen all media outlets immediately. He should also end the unlimited and unlawful state of emergency.

Using COVID-19 to postpone the scheduled elections remains unacceptable by most opposition political groups who have called for a dialogue to avert the consequences of the constitutional crisis. Abiy Ahmed should embrace dialogue and reject dictatorial tendencies.

He won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2019 because of his peace moves within and outside of Ethiopia. However, these days, he looks more like a dictator rather than someone who just won the peace prize last year.

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  1. Korma Uki billa says:

    Thank you Mr. Simon for being voice for voiceless people in Ethiopia

  2. Hakimo Mieso says:

    Oromo protests!

  3. chala says:

    Thank you, TODAY NEWS AFRICA!! This is an in depth coverage of what has been going on in Ethiopia for the last couple of years. What is happening in Ethiopia for sure has enormous implication to the horn and beyond. So, coverage helps to ensure peace and stability in the region . Nobel peace prize wasted. It is unfortunate. The has become democracy’s arc enemy . Abiy Must GO!!!

  4. Hindhibu Tesfa says:

    Thank you for being the voice for voiceless oromoo people in Ethiopia

  5. Rowda says:

    Its really shame for Eghiopian to be ruled by Abiy Ahmed, he only care about his position not the people.

  6. hayu yadesa says:

    Abiy Aimed is a dictator hi is Ethipian Hitler

  7. Jewaro Ulu says:

    Abiy is Dictator.He is torturing our political persons in jail with out any has too hear and see our tension to live in these dictator government.people are killed and asked to pay for bullet to take corpus from the ground.we are completely in tension.

  8. Bamy says:

    The oromos are not nice people. They are the most savage people in the world. They brutally murdered and slaughtered hundreds innocent Amhara people in their region. The ruling government is totally dominated by ethnically Oromia people including the prime minister, what they want is to engulf and rule whole Ethiopia with their poor retarded mind.

  9. Gadisa says:

    Thank you for being voice for the voiceless of OROMO people in Ethiopia!

  10. Toli says:

    We never tolerate any more.

  11. Fenan says:

    Oromia is still bleeding because of Abiy Ahmed’s dictatorial rule. The world should call him into an order. It’s over for Abiy Ahmed. Justice for the Oromo people. #AbiyMustGo

  12. Daka Haga says:

    Ethiopia should give people the option to get their freedom

  13. Nuredin abdulkader says:

    They have hole in their mind they never satisfied with anything, look they hold the prim minster, defence minister, justic minster, treasury depart head of intelligence, chief of the army, air force, army logistics and many more all except foreign minster but they still complaining and so far they initiated genocide and destroyed city killed amhara minority in the town and around the region but still cry as a victim and now here they are news in TODAY NEWS AFRICA came and visit the lost city and make your own survey.

  14. Abdulhakim kadir says:

    Thank you for being voice for voiceless oromo people’s

  15. jobs says:

    This is a highly biased, if not bribed, article that unprofessionally presents only one side of the story.

  16. Gadaa bilisummaa says:

    The world must be give attention to current crisis in Ethiopia Now in Ethiopia ..there no human rights
    …no democratic rights generally the country turned into dictators by PM abiy ahmed he
    Jailed many oromo people without any reason like activist jawar Mohammed leader of political parties bakele garbaa ….abiy is dictator and murder

  17. Dusra Ahmed says:

    Thanks for reporting the truths.
    I believe that there is some brute people behind ethiopian priminister Abiy Ahmed.
    Killing and arresting are not solution.
    …. I don’t know what i have to say…

  18. Qabsoo says:

    Thanks our hero your are the gentleman

  19. ayana says:

    I felt bad for spending even a minute for reading this the most biased article. Have you really heard from the other side especially from the Amharas? Oromos are leading the country, killing minorities and now they try to look victims.

  20. Solomon says:

    It is the vice versa report…
    Killilg innocent people anf pretend to be victim. What a game and what “a balanced report”….All the peoples prisoners are advocating fundamentalist Extremist agenda like Boko haram!! Try to destablize east africa. We christian oromos dont be represented by these terrorist groups.

  21. Milkesa Jambo says:

    Thanks bro you write the situation going on in Ethiopia.Stop killing innocent people,Justice for hacaalu hundesa,free jawar Mohammed and all political prisoners.

  22. M G says:

    “Promo people are good people. ” That is absolutely right. All human beings are good people. They turn bad when they slaughter other humans like animal. Your report is shameless, amazingly biased. It is an insult to the artist who gave his life for what he believed and also an insult to the hundreds of people that was surprised by terrorists in their own home and in their own country. I am deeply sorry to see irresponsible journalism popping over night with distortion and misinformation. The truth will always be there however you try to burry it. Just one more thing, I will not subscribe to a news outlet like yours and for obvious reason.

  23. Getachew Chane says:

    I am sorrry for this unbalanced and one sided report. Why you intentionally deny the fatcs that many inocent are killed and genocide after Hachalu Hundesa passed aways in Oromia regional state by few fundamentalist, including Jewar Mohammed and his media OMN.

  24. D.B. says:

    Fascit Abiy Ahmed is a threat for entire East North African countries!

  25. Dereje Birbirso says:

    Thank you TODAY NEWS AFRICA. I constantly follow you for your accurate reports!

  26. Hirpho Gemechu says:

    Thank you TODAY NEWS AFRICA for being the voice for voiceless oromo people’s in Ethiophia Africa

  27. Teshome says:

    I disappointed not just by the affthors poor analysis but the readers and their fedback most of them oromo exrimist. Your poor analysis starts by saying that the oromo people in Ethiopia are good people” Which has more than 40 million people. Just let it be sink the idea of ” the oromo people in Ethiopia are good people” with out any analysis and real
    research on the ground.

    Then who is organized as rebel group and kills, kidnaps and brutaly masacars, mutilates manshood body, rapes women and cuts off her breast to proof his bravery, terrorizes, burns, crusifys human, displaces humankind based on their ethnicity and religion.

    Let alone the radicalized oromo youngster so call qeroos. The moderate, educators, historian, the intelectual and the leaders of oromos most of them don’t believe in integration, equality and human right all they care is oromo and oromuma. They want other ethnic group to rally behind them when it suites their cause in reality there was a conflit with other ethnic group on every corner of oromia border. Most of this conflict steams from oromo nationalist who believe the lands of oromos has to be expanded by any means. They have been waging war historically and displacing other ethnic group to occupy more “territory”.

    I don’t believe the killing of a singer is the main cause of the unrest in Ethiopia. The ethnic cleansing and mass jenocide is over due in oromia by oromo nationalist who want “clean up the oromia region from non ethnic oromo people”.

    Since abeyi ahmed/Oromo politician came into a power. The crisis in Ethiopia is escalated. He chose and picked more than 60% ethnic oromo politician as his ministers and cabinets against a 65% of other ethnic Ethiopians, but this is not satisfied ethnic radical oromos who want most or all of Ethiopian land and political power.

    The crisis on the end of june is not just the begging of Ethnic violence in ethiopia it is actually a routine which is keeps coming every year or less. This means every year or less oromo people mostly youngesters has been killing non oromo people and Orthodox christian follwers. They have been burning churchs, houses and business of non oromo in some cases oromos if they are Orthodox Christian. They have been robing, looting and burning a property of ethenic minorities and Christians. They have been kidnapping college students, raping and cutting womens breast and mens penis.

  28. ayoub says:

    Good analysis

  29. Assefa says:

    Thanks for bieng voice for the voiceless people to day in East Africa,where all independent medias like OMN speaking Afan Oromo are closed and thier Journalists sent to prison.

  30. Hambisa Belina says:

    Thank you TODAY NEWS AFRICA!

    As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. famaously wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Successive Ethiopian governments have committed atrocities to the Greater Southern peoples, in general, and to the Oromo in particular. They were enabled and aided by the West to do so. Our cries for justice, freedom and equality failed on deaf ears for so long. Your article goes a great length in making sure our cries are heard.

    Thank you.

  31. Dr Tadesse Fikre Teferra says:

    Excellent Analysis,
    Thank you for being a voice for the marginilized majority, the Oromos in the History, politics and economy of Ethiopia.

  32. KANO BANJAW says:

    I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the well presented analysis of the plight of the Oromo Nation that is currently going on in the Ethiopian empire. The enslavement, oppression, suppression and humiliation that African Americans have undergone in America are very much similar to what has happened to the Oromo people.

    Therefore, let the African Americans and Oromo people know more about each other and work closely than hitherto.
    Victory to the Oromo people!

  33. Anberbir zemedkun Alemeneh says:

    10Q T D.N.A your articles are absolutely true. people who oppose those articles are in the side of abiy A.

  34. Kumsaa Maatii says:

    Yes Mr writer;
    He looks like a big dictator rather than the winner of the Peace Noble Prize just about a year and half ago!
    By doing so he considers himself as a smartest guy in the world, because he thinks he gets the support of his new allies while in reality he is the most naive politician who doesn’t understand that whoever loses the support of his/her constituents because of his/ her untrustworthy actions would never get the support of others because the others evaluate his/ her past histories from what he/she did to his/ her constituents!!!
    Abiy Ahmed is such a day dreamer who is running to become the 7th King of Ethiopia and achieve that prophecy his late mother told him during his childhood, he believed to be in the embrace of the Amhara Aristocratic politicians since he knows that the Oromo people don’t have the tradition of reigning the kings and salute them for their life time kingship than Gada Democratic administrative systems that come and go depending upon the leadership capabilities of the competents!

  35. Zekarias says:

    Thank you, Well articulated, The devastation by Abiy Ahimed is even much more than what is presented, especially against Oromo. He commended his security personnel and National defense forces to Kill who ever they think express their ideas.

  36. Sorsa says:

    Thanks Simon for being a voice for the voiceless! It is business as usual for African dictators who are not impressed by what the outside worlds thinks of them. The hasty award of a Nobel Peace Prize to one the world’s worst criminals shows the Norwegian Committee learned little or nothing from the similar case of An San Suki. The shocking crimes committed by Abiy’s regime within two year fill volumes of books. Nevertheless, the Oromo people appreciate your attention.

  37. sally says:

    MG,BAMY,Nuradin,Solomon either you are a memeber terriorist, genocider Amhara group known as Nefitenga – who are burning churchs, Mosques , murdering nation nationalities of Ethiopia and blaming it and blackmailing it on good Oromo people for polticial game or blindly supporting the worst dictator the world has not yet known him-power monger PM Abyi Ahmed.

  38. Bayan says:

    Thank you for voice for those who don’t have voicess heard.

  39. Tamrat Bedane says:

    Thank you for your on- point analysis. The world should hear the cries of Oromo people in Ethiopia

  40. AR GG says:

    Dear Editor, a friend of me told me to follow you b/se you are rational and real in telling about Ethiopia.
    I have never seen a healthy mind in the world which is against election and peace. Tigray needs election, Oromiya needs peace. Shameful, childish and mentally ill Abiy Ahmed!!!! Wrong Noble Prize Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please write about the election in the Northern Oasis (Tigray) of Ethiopia. Mark my point.
    Stay Blessed!!

  41. Ana Hassen says:

    Thank you I share your point since you are a rational person and you report the fact information about oromo people

  42. Oromo koo says:

    The retard prime minister abiy Ahmed thinks by deleting comments on social medias, blocking every critic who reply on twitter can look good leader in front of the world.
    What he has been doing on oromo people is beyond horror.
    This dictatorial government
    -has arrested over 9000 promos only after the assassination of hachalu hundessa, not to mention arrest before that.
    -has arrested oromo political leaders including jawar Mohammed who is known to lead the peaceful protest that led to this change.
    – has killed over 120 peaceful protesters in just one day.
    Has marched Eritrean mercenaries and the neftegna mercenaries armed to the teeth on oromo people.
    -his armies are rapping oromo girls, women and children under age of 14.
    -has killing pregnant women.
    Is killing unlawful detainees and throwing them in jungles.
    This are just the highlights not including the amnesty report 3 months ago.
    If there was independent investigation in oromia,Ethiopia abiy Ahmed would definitely be arrested and his case would be treated in international criminal court (ICC).

  43. Gezachew Begashaw says:

    This is an article written very much bent on one side of the current situation in Ethiopia. It is sad to see journalists live for anything less than the truth like this alleged journalist did. It is true that Abiy Ahmed is a complete failure in many things. But proposing the idea of releasing the bloodthirsty terrorists who used the very media they were allowed to launch and operate properly for the common good of all Ethiopia into a hate-preaching platform that incited violence and genocide specially of the Amhara people is nothing but irresponsible and another stab in the back of the over 50 million Amharas. The article infamously evaded the tribal makeup of the victims of both genocides to misguide any reader that accidentally stumbles upon his misinformed article. It will be soon when we will put Abiy Ahmed accountable in international court of law for all the Amhara people he failed to protect from his genocider Oromo relatives and causing the death of many innocent Amharas living in Oromo populated areas. Shame on you Simon! ማፈሪያ!!!!”

  44. S says:

    Thank you mr Simon Atebe.
    You raised so many things. Keep on voiceing for the voiceless. Next time try to includes some numbers on some of incedents(like number of people, killed, prisoned, tourchered, etc.)

  45. Moa K.Gutema says:

    Really Thank You Mr Simon,
    I really appreciate your article.This is the reason why Journalism is founded.I am living in Ethiopia where 40% of population is Oromo,and 35-40% is Oromos ally. The illiterate PM,wrongly received the wasted Peace prize has no capacity to lead Ethiopia.The man is too foolish.He never walk his talk.He appreciate the killing,raping and jailing of his own people.The man has a vision of a king at this century.He has sent armed gangs (military) to rural unarmed society for killing,injuring,disappearing and terrifying.Mr Simon Article is a few among the worrisome truth Abiy Ahmed Ali is doing on Oromo people.(World should hear our voice,we are in a misery that Human being never seen before in history.)
    Thank You Mr Simon

  46. Naod says:

    i read this article and i look like oromo is under declaratory government! but its not true! i am oromo too. 160 people have died following the killing of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, leaving the ethnically and politically. Some of the most deadly conflict took place in two parts of Oromia – Bale and Arsi – where intercommunal violence follows religious lines, pitting Muslim and Christian Oromos against each other. 10 out of 38 Orthodox Christians killed in the unrest were Oromos.
    those people who plot this attack is under government control. and always when change come things are shake … now Ethiopia is road to new line that’s why contrary like Egypt are interfere in our political agenda.
    But we will challenge all of them.

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