This video will break you: Racism against blacks in China is shocking, open, official, even as Africa rolls out the red carpet for China

Dr. Umar Johnson, an African American, was so shocked when he arrived in China to realize racism against blacks there was so brazenly open and official that he still finds it hard to understand why Africa is rolling out the red carpet for China.

In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Dr. Johnson said there were many places where blacks were told to their faces they could not go because of the color of their skin.

There were also clubs where blacks were barred from going. And many other places where blacks were legally barred from going or even loitering around.

It was not clear when the interview was recorded, but it appeared not to be too long ago.

African nations are opening the doors to China with big, secret loans, that many have warned would certainly turn into debt traps.

Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
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  1. Terrible how a human being can be devilish. During the occupsation of China by the west and japan, the chinese and the DOGS were banned to enter or to go to certains places in china their own conutry, and they suffered to much about it.
    Today, the chinese have vorgotten all this, and they do it to others…

    I hope with the virus sickness, the chinese will be banned to come to africa or many other places.

  2. I always wonder since long time ago thise people hate us but they still want our resources our leaders they don’t Even want to see


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