Those attacking me for sharing rice and bread as stimulus package to my people amid coronavirus lockdowns are playing politics – Lagos House Speaker Mudashiru Obasa

Lagos State House of Assembly Speaker, Mudashiru Obasa, has advised those criticising him for not doing enough with the relief packages he recently shared to his Agege constituents to stop playing politics with the lives of the people.

Obasa ordered the distribution of stimulus packages ranging from more than 10,000 bags of rice, about 36,000 loaves of bread as well as loads of sanitisers to them to his constituents to ease the lockdown currently experienced as a result of COVID-19.

Rice shared by Speaker Obasa
Rice and bread shared by Speaker Obasa of Lagos State House of Assembly, Southwest Nigeria

Although, majority of the beneficiaries of the Speaker’s largesse, which cut across vulnerable people in all the Wards of Agege local government, Orile LCDA as well as Alimosho local government area have continued to praise him, it appears that a section of people in the community have decided to play politics with the gesture.

Speaking about the development on Sunday, the Speaker warned against ”playing with people’s economic life,” as he stated that his priority was to reach out to his people, especially the most vulnerable, and not to try to make political gains out of the scheme.
Obasa’s position comes amid reports that the acclaimed rejection of the gesture has political undertone rather than the general interest in the well-being of the people.

The Speaker, while laughing off claims in a video that he shared bread, wondered why the mischief makers displayed that alone from among the other items which include 10,000 2kg bags of rice, 1,500 packs of table water and sanitizers.

“Let’s take the bread for example, it is even surprising that people are not looking at the economic value of sharing the loaves among thousands of the less-privileged. 

“What they do not understand is that the bakers have smiled while the beneficiaries also smiled. The loaves went that far because of the number. Now take the rice into consideration and think of how many constituents and residents for the relief. “People can play politics but I would advise that we don’t resort to playing politics with people’s life-support.”

He also denied claims that the packages were politically motivated adding that it was shared among everybody who had the opportunity to benefit and these cut across religion, politics and other considerations.

“How can someone who distributed over 36, 000 loaves of bread give just four loaves to a household? How can infected grains be repackaged by a man who generously distributes 10,000 packs of rice? It is nice for people to talk and act knowing that posterity is an ultimate judge,” he said adding that he had been encouraged by the number of calls and messages he had received in appreciation of the gesture.

He, however, said he would not allow the criticisms to deter him from being there for his people adding that he would continue to give more palliative support to his people in the coming days.

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  1. U are not right likewise those u put in charge of the distribution of those miniature, hocus pocus, jiggery poggery and malarkey things u called stimulus items, without mincing words, we want u to know that those who climbed up should consider those who they meet while going up for more like that not they will surely meet them when crashed down, apart from that, we want u to know that u can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but u cannot fool all the people all the time. Inconclusion, God will surely reward u accordingly if that is what the people who gave u their mandate unconditionally really deserve

  2. Resolution go soon start all over Nigeria.
    E son dey start in sari iganmu, orile Lagos.

  3. These packages should be monetize to individuals a/c numbers, since NEPA bill can get to every households, the money can as well get to them.

  4. Don’t mind Mr. Speaker. He sat down in
    His house making mouth, he is distributing relief package, speaker is not with the that share the food, people don’t any bags of rice as claimed by speaker, but only few breads those people shared in the street.

  5. Both the giver and the distributors are wrong,How can u share good items to people?,and how do u think it will go round successfully?,more so, they are dealing with adults not kids..Some house hold can’t Still afford to buy kerosine for the preparation of those items,is it only at Agege u can find poor people?, the population in Lagos is over 20million and they are sharing food items of about 200,000,what about the other parts of Lagos?.These are the questions they should ask themselves. Why can’t they share money through BVN to all lagosians so that they can take care of themselves.. They are deceiving themselves not us but one day the wrath of angry and hungry Nigerians will take its cause…

  6. This is not a false allegations, those who really enjoyed the sharing is his loyalists, the rest are being rationed. Even when they came to my street, is not all house hold were given. But the truth is that , Mr speaker were not with them, when they were sharing it, so how did he if all house hold were given. The faults is from his messangers who shared the items, so mr speaker nobody is playing a politics on you, it’s just the truth.

  7. He might be right but the people in charge are bad people, how they bring 7pieces of bread for a whole street

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