February 3, 2023

Tigrayans protest against Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed at U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington

A group of Tigrayan protesters gathered at the Convention Center in Washington D.C. on Wednesday where the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit is underway to protest against Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali over the killing and continued suffering of civilians in Tigray.

In an interview with Today News Africa, the protesters argued that President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Should not have invited a man with blood on his hands like Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

They said that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in Tigray while basic services such as banking and telecommunications have not fully been restored.

They described the situation in Tigray as dire and put the blame squarely on Abiy and Ethiopian federal forces.

The group of protesters was still small on Wednesday morning but was expected to grow as protesters came from around the country to make their voices heard.

Today News Africa, which is covering the summit, will be updating this article in the coming hours.

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Manayesh I Bereli
Manayesh I Bereli
1 month ago

all the stuff that Tigrayans are doing is nothing but a bunch of BS! you cannot have a country called Tigray! that is a bad dream. it will never happen. they started wars and started invading other regions and they wanted to be handled with a baby glove? losers!

1 month ago

Go fuck yourself.

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