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“Tigray’s conflict worsening, my brother missing, people dying”, WHO Director General laments


The World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom on Monday lamented his home country’s deteriorating situation, Ethiopia, where a regional conflict threatens regional stability.

Speaking at his weekly press conference from Geneva, the WHO boss called for peace, disclosing that his brother was among the people who have remained incommunicado in Tigray since a conflict exploded there on November 4. 

“There was a very personal question about what I think about 2020. Twenty-twenty for all of us has been a very difficult year, a very tragic one. And for me, personally, it’s not just COVID alone, but personally in addition to COVID 2020 has been very difficult for me because my country is in trouble,” Dr. Tedros said at a live press conference monitored by thousands of journalists.

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“My country, Ethiopia, is in trouble. And the devastating war that is happening is actually in my home region, Tigray, the northern part of Ethiopia.

“And I have many relatives there, including my younger brother, and I do not know where they are. I have not communicated with them because communication is not there. I have not heard about my younger brother. Northern Tigray is in trouble. I have that personal pain. The situation is worsening.”

This month, the United Nations Refugee Agency described the growing emergency situation in Ethiopia’s north, which is spilling over into Sudan, as a “full-scale humanitarian crisis.” People are being “slaughtered like chicken and corpses abandoned to be eaten by hyenas,” The Guardian quoted residents as saying.

Refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) escaping targeted attacks create displacement from multiple fronts, including in Tigray and Eritrea, which threaten regional stability.

The displacement began on November 4, 2020, when the Ethiopian government began military operations in Tigray, one of the country’s semi-autonomous regions located on the northern border between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Despite reports from the current Ethiopian government that an interim government is in place and banks have reopened in the region, reports from international development agencies and family members, like Dr. Tedros, are not seeing stability or calm in the region.


Kristi Pelzel
Kristi Pelzel
Kristi Pelzel is a Senior International Correspondent at Today News Africa, working across U.S. and African markets, based in Washington, D.C. Her expertise spans broadcast, digital, and social media communication, nested with policy research, analysis, and writing. A member of the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Kristi holds a B.A. from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco, California, and an M.A. from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.


  1. What a political prostitution he is uttering now Dr. Tedros A., alł the pain that he feels have to bare even bigger, because him and his ethnocentric criminal-group committed untold crime of humanity in Ethiopia/Eritrea, but because TPLF and Dr. Tedros was in power in Ethiopia all western countries was propping them up, they overlook their crime purposely inorder to serve their interest which z servant did dirty job inEthiopia, finally now TPLF is exposed in world their criminal act Dr. Tedros is crying foul not yet Ethiopians will file a criminal indictment against TPLF Junta including this shameless WHO DG.

  2. Kristi You should research his lifeline before,istwad of repeating. His lies, where was he when Ethiopians and Eritreans was in a lot of pain,suffering and committed atrocious by him and his Junta when he was incharge of Ethiopia, what do you think these junta’s were doing 27 yrs throwing flowers to z mass or killing just ruling Ethiopia and trying, trying to overthrow legitimate country which they misrabily fail in all corners of world. Second he was talking about his young bother who is one of so call. Elite group of Tigray who forced innocent tigranyns to z hell of war, he claim he has a personal pain of what happen to his brothers/relatives, how about the ENDF soldiers who was massacred in their sleep in TIgray. These ENDF was there since the dayDr. Tedros and his criminal TPLF Junta group declared unprovoked,unjustified war vs Eritrea to protect Tigray. Now his shedding crocodile tears to save his comrade is crime, but I will say to him z game is over TPLF Junta elements are dead or z remaining will be uprended soon to face justice. He should warried z ppl of Ethiopia will also go after him for crime against humanity as he knows perfectly soon.

  3. There is no any proplem in Ethiopia.But you are entangled b/n your oun lies.You are the responsible for all the crimes you committed when you were a vise presdent.

  4. Now he is trying to be innocent and shading a crocodile tears!! This man, Tedros Adhanom is a BRUTAL SADISTIC TERRORIST man, who terrorized the horn’s population!! now he is trying to be a sad man not seeing his family for sometime, what the hell is the mothers who lost her Child because of his evil conduct going to say? what are the poor people who lost most going to say, he is SADISTICE CLEARLY to see from his interview.

  5. Making Tedros Adhanom a One Term Director of WHO !!!!!

    In his weekly conference from Geneva today Dr. Tedros Adhanom told the world that he is worried about “ongoing war” in his home region Tigray, Ethiopia.


    He claimed that there is no communication to reach his brother and other family members according to him the war is raging in Tigray. We heard similar allegations from his close friend, Michelle Bachelet Jeria, the human right commissioner of the UN.

    WHO lobbying has indeed paid off to misinform the international community. Furthermore Tedros has used his office doing PR for his defeated party, stopping the war in Tigray !!!!

    Tedros who he said in the past is on the side of “peace” not taking sides, Ethiopia vs TPLF has shown the world he is worried for TPLF buddies who are not picking their phones.

    He has indeed looked worried. We all see the stress on his face we never saw for the last one year during Covid19 pandemic press conference.

    He is not getting the regular update from his TPLF buddies who assured him in the past of the coming victory. Most of them might not be alive and that is what we read from his face. No one is there to return his call.

    For the people of Tigray life is returning to normal slowly. We see public meetings throughout Tigray chaired by the provisional administration of Tigray.

    Internet, transportation etc including Ethiopian Airlines is back. I am sure he knows desperately needed food and medicines are reaching Tigray. The news is there.

    Many lives were lost in Tigray. We lost thousands knived by TPLF samre at Maikadra and thousands Ethiopian Defense Force members ambushed by TPLF special forces. Civilian loss is avoided thanks to the patience and skill of those who were in charge of the operation.

    Dr. Tedros Adhanom from his brief comment made the rest of the world know what we have known. He is on the side of TPLF and he doesn’t care about the huge humanitarian cost his TPLF war criminals inflicted on the army and innocent Amhara seasonal laborers. He is only counting the TPLF loss.

    The mention of Ethiopia as his country is a card he is pulling as WHO director to secure his second term.

    A man who is not standing with Ethiopia should not get a second term representing we Ethiopians and the rest of Africa.Ethiopia should rally all African countries to make sure Tedros Adhanom term to end as one term director of WHO.

  6. Since Tedros Adhanom started his job he brought with him bad luck to the world. The world has faced the pandemic on his watch while clearly he is not capable. He had participated in torturing and killings of thousands of Ethiopians . And now after all these he has the courage to speak in support of his terrorist comrades. Shame on you! Shame on the UN for putting this man on this important job!

  7. Tigrai is disconnected from the whole world no bank,no internet,no electricity and other services. Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia and Isaiah of Eritrea and UAE drones have been killing innocent civilians Tigreans for two months.byet the world is silent.

  8. Tedros was part of the junta and he colluded for 27 years of misrule and abuse of the Ethiopian people by TPLF junta, his party. Now he is weeping because he lost, and using his Office to obsfucate the facts and to portray Ethiopia in the negative way. As an WHO leader, he should be factual and speack with some integrity.

  9. There isno one that loves war better than his own party TPLF that ruled the nation for about three decades using divisive hate driven politics. Now, he is engaged with cheap propaganda by trying to portray the government as if starting the war. However, his comrades were praising their preemptive attack on the Northern Command Post & slaughter service personnel, which led the EDF to respond. Miscalculated and ambitious savage act from his party’s side, and he doesn’t want to say a word about that or the Mai-Kadra massacre committed by TPLF’s operatives. Deception, denial and defiance is Dr Tedros’ and his ethnocentric party’s inherent character.

  10. I feel that pain as well plus
    55 days of silence from the international community is astonishing.
    ⛔ No Water & Food
    ⛔ No Cellphone Service
    ⛔ No Internet Service
    ⛔ No Bank service
    ⛔ No Electricity
    ⛔ No Transportation Access
    ⛔ No Drug Supply
    ⛔ No Hospitals Service Humanitarians Service & No Media Access

  11. Dr Tewodros can’t be trhsted to relay an impartial view on the current situation in Ethiopia. Some may yet not know that he has been accused of taking part in past genocide with the renedage TPLF group, which he has a close association. The case is currently being investigated by ICC at the Heague. The sooner WHO imparts ways with its current front man with such tarnished reputation the better, as leaving it too late might have unwanted consequences.

  12. Dr Tedross is right, this is the problem of all Tigrans now, i personally can not reach my family for more than 50 days since the war starts, only God knows if my family who live in Tigray are alive or not,. Pray for TIGRAY 😥🙏🏽. I sm so stressed and i can not go to work. And the worst thing is how some Ethiopians act when they see us talking about the genocide happening in Tigray, i do not understand them how they need us to act while our families are dying. They want to finish all the Tigrans in the name of hunting top TPLF member with no noise. On the ground they are killing civilians. Imagin there is no telecommunications, no electricity, no banking system, no media, how come our family survive then? And on top of that there is an airstrike, dron and heavy weapons going on here and there…STOP GENOCIDE IN TIGRAY😥😥😥

  13. I share Dr.Tedros adhanom comments as well. Civilians are dying and enormous people flee to Sudan from Tigray due to the ongoing tragic war in the region. I’m glad you create an awareness to international community about the devastating crisis in Tigray. War crime is being committed by Ethiopian and Eritrean troops. So, the international community should act now to stop this reckless war against civilians.

  14. He is a humble man! He could have and should have said more about the war that Ethiopian Tyrant Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean ( The African North Korea 🇰🇵) dictator Tyrant Isaias Afewerki have waged against Tigray, which is The good doctor’s birth place. It has direct effect on him. The veil and despicable acts of terror and killing and genocide on the people of Tigray will worry anyone that has a human heart, let alone Dr. Tedros, who has worked tirelessly all his life for the good of humans!! The irony is that, while he exerts every effort at his disposal to keep us, the world 🌎 safe from COVID-19, the world 🌍 has ignored the us merge CCU humanitarian crisis in Tigray. People in Tigray are dying from syst magic mass starvation imposed on them by Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki.

  15. Banks are not opened. There is still a complete blackout except in the city of Mekele. We have no means to reach our loved ones for the last two months. The Ethiopian government and the Eritrean government are purposely starving the people of Tigray. the Amhara militia and Eritrean government lot factories and property.

  16. It is unethical and damaging to WHO
    It is inappropriate and completely unethical for WHO director to use the WHO platform to push his political agenda on Ethiopian conflict. We all know he is a member of the renegade TPLF’s executive committee. I think it is time to demand that he step down from his WHO position in order to protect the integrity of WHO itself. I am concerned that anything less will have a permanent damaging effect in the integrity and image of WHO for a long term to come. The International community cannot allow such destruction to happen. Dr Tewdros has to step-down without delay and pursue whatever political position he wishes to promote.

    • He is talking about his personal feelings and about his families which he doesn’t have contact for more than two months. That is true! Why you people barking for no reason. እሱ በተናገረ ቁጥር እንደ እብድ ውሻ ሚስጮሃቹህ ምንድነው? ሰውየው ምርጥ ስለሆነ ነው የተመረጠው ምድረ ክፍት አፍ ሁላ! አሳፋሪዎች!!

    • Ethiopia failed state but the problem is it failed on us the cause is the dictator abiy and the cruel followers amhara with foreign dictator esayas afewerki eritrea 🇪🇷.

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