November 26, 2022

Trump announces Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced his long-awaited Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, saying that the package offers Israel a guarantee of security and Palestinians a path to an autonomous state.

“It’s been a long and very arduous process to arrive at this moment,” Mr. Trump said at the White House, standing alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu described Trump as the greatest friend Israel ever had in the White House.

The Washington Post said the Trump plan would be a basis “for negotiations if Israel and the Palestinians agreed, but hopes for that are low. Palestinian leaders rejected the plan before its release”.

On Monday, President Trump said “We’re going to show a plan that’s been worked on by everybody, and we’ll see whether or not it catches hold”.

“If it does, that’d be great. And if doesn’t, we can live with it, too.” He added, “But I think it might have a chance,” he added.

This is a developing story that would be updated.

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