July 14, 2024

Trump cancels Republican National Convention in Jacksonville over coronavirus concerns

President Trump
President Trump

President Donald Trump said on Thursday he’s cancelled the Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, over coronavirus concerns.

The President, who has continued to downplay the pandemic, even as hundreds of thousands of Americans perished from the deadly disease, cited the need to protect the public.

Trump, who made the announcement from the White House briefing room, said he would still give a speech accepting the nomination “in a different form”.

He said the delegates still would convene in Charlotte, NC, earlier that week as planned for party business.

Trump claimed he told his team “the timing for this event is not right, it’s just not right”.

“I have to protect the American people,” he added.

More than 143,000 people have died from coronavirus in the United States and over 4 million Americans have contracted the deadly bug.

Even as Mr. Trump pushes for schools to reopen, the number of cases continues to skyrocket while hospitalizations are expanding dramatically.

California, Texas and Florida are now seen as new epicenters of the deadly coronavirus in the United States.

With Republicans set to let Americans lose unemployment benefits, the global health emergency may get even worse in the United States.

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