Trump says Sudan to be removed from terrorism list if it pays $335 million in compensation

President Donald Trump on Monday said Sudan will be removed from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism once it pays $335 million in compensation to American terror victims and their families.

Trump said in a tweet that the Sudanese government agreed to pay the $ 335 million in compensation for victims of terrorism, adding that once the amount is deposited, he will remove Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.

While the President of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, expressed his appreciation for the announcement of US President Donald Trump, and said in a tweet to him, “I would like to express my great appreciation and gratitude  of the Sudanese nation to President Donald Trump and the US administration for taking this constructive step to remove the name Sudan from the list of countries That sponsor terrorism.”

Al-Burhan stated that this step confirms the great appreciation of the historical change that took place in Sudan and the struggle and sacrifices of the Sudanese people for freedom, peace and justice.For his part, Sudanese Prime Minister, Dr. Abdullah Hamdok, welcomed the steps taken by US President Donald Trump to cancel the classification of Sudan as a state sponsor of terrorism, adding that this classification has cost Sudan and seriously harmed it.

Hamdok said that this tweet and this notification  are the strongest support for the transition towards democracy in Sudan, and he said that as we approach today to getting rid of the heaviest legacy of the former regime.

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