May 19, 2024

Tucker Carlson Launches New Media Venture on Twitter, Promising Free Speech and the Unvarnished Truth

In a captivating video message shared on Twitter, former top-rated Fox News host Tucker Carlson announced his newest media venture, vowing to bring free speech and the unvarnished truth to the forefront. Carlson, who left the network on April 24, began by critiquing the mainstream media for withholding facts, proportion, and perspective, ultimately manipulating their audience.

Using the example of a man arrested for armed robbery, Carlson explained how the omission of the man’s prior arrests by the media would mislead the public. He claimed that this is how news media operate, manipulating stories that matter daily.

Having spent over 30 years in the industry, Carlson acknowledged the challenges faced by journalists in the news business, stating that if they repeatedly defy the imposed limits on reporting, they are guaranteed to be fired.

Emphasizing the importance of free speech for democracy, he lamented the shrinking number of platforms allowing such expression. Carlson noted that Twitter, where he released his video message, is the last major platform to permit free speech.

The former Fox News host criticized mainstream media organizations for disguising themselves as propaganda outlets, with their news often analyzed on Twitter, giving the illusion of a debate while gatekeepers retain control.

In a thrilling announcement, Carlson revealed that he will be bringing a new version of his Fox News show to Twitter, along with other undisclosed projects. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to champion free speech, asserting that without it, no other rights can exist. Fans and followers eagerly await the launch of Carlson’s groundbreaking venture on the social media platform.

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