Iran weapons presented as evidence to foreign journalists on Tuesday. Photo: Simon Ateba, TODAY NEWS AFRICA

The United States military on Tuesday presented another batch of compelling evidence Iran has been and continues to proliferate the Middle East with dangerous weapons. 

From its Qiam ballistic missiles intercepted or interdicted by Saudi Arabia to the Sayyad-2 Surface to Air missiles, all the way to its Qasef-1 unmanned aerial vehicles and a sea of small weapons that ended up in the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the evidence was overwhelmingly clear: Iran is arming dangerous groups to wage war across the Middle East. 

The evidence was presented to foreign journalists during a tour of the Iranian Materiel Display at the Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D.C. The tour was organized by the State Department’s Foreign Press Center.

It was not clear whether Iranian weapons also end up in Africa with terror groups such as Boko Haram. 

The display on Tuesday exhibited Iranian weapons recovered across the Middle East as proof of Tehran’s duplicitous ambitions.

From grenades to short-range ballistic missiles, Iranian proliferation into Yemen, Afghanistan and Bahrain was backed up with facts.

Defense Press Officer Rebecca L. Rebarish, who led foreign journalists during the tour said although the weapons were intercepted or interdicted in various places, evidence shows that it all ties back to Iran.

She, however, said the United States was not prepapring to go to war with Iran, but the tour of the IMD which was opened in December last year, aims at showing the world the damage being caused by Iran in the Middle East. 

Defense Press Officer Rebecca L. Rebarish takes questions from Simon Ateba, TODAY NEWS AFRICA on Tuesday December 18, 2018

 Although Iran tries to conceal its weapons, the United States and others were able to tie it back to Iran through forensic evidence, construction types, colors, names of the manufacturers, logos and several other facts.

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