President Macky Sall of Senegal
President Macky Sall of Senegal

The United States on Tuesday congratulated President Macky Sall on his election to a second term as President of the Republic of Senegal.

“We salute the Senegalese people and all of the presidential candidates for their demonstrated commitment to a peaceful election, which reflects Senegal’s strong democratic values and traditions,” Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo said in a statement from Washington D.C.

Pompeo said the United States values its relationship with Senegal, adding that “it is rooted in the shared ideals of prosperity, security, and good governance”.

“In addition, we look forward to continuing our work with President Sall in the coming years to deepen democratic norms in the region and advance our longstanding mutual interests in economic development, trade and investment, democratic institutions, and safeguarding regional and global security”.

Senegal has long been seen as a model for democracy in Africa although President Sall has been accused of trying silence opposition.


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