U.S. senators call for release of Ethiopian opposition figure Jawar Mohammed. Say rule of law at risk under Abiy Ahmed

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Two high profile American senators have sent a letter to the U.S. State Department calling for the immediate release of Ethiopian opposition figure Jawar Mohammed, as crackdown widens under Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali.

The Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Mr. Abiy Ahmed arrives in Sochi to take part in the Russia–Africa Summit.
The Prime Minister of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Mr. Abiy Ahmed arrives in Sochi to take part in the Russia–Africa Summit.Photo: Valery Sharifulin/TASS

Senators Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith urged the U.S. State Department to “take all appropriate actions” to ensure that Mr Jawar and fellow activist Misha Chiri “are treated humanely”.

They also called on the department to assist the pair to “exercise their full rights”.

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Mr Jawar, who was previously exiled in the US where he established a media business in Minnesota, was detained last month by Ethiopian authorities after being linked to the murder of a policeman during violent protests following the killing of music star Hachalu Handessa in the capital, Addis Ababa.

Mr Jawar’s allies deny his involvement in the murder.

“The recent political unrest and responsive actions taken by the Ethiopian government have threatened the progress that has been made,” the senators said in their letter.


Simon Ateba
Simon Ateba
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  1. Not only in Ethiopia, even in the world, I didn’t see the worst killer, torture, arrester and merciless Country leader like Ethiopians leader Abiy Ahmed. His eyes is lined on his power only. Person with high speech with out skill or vision of leading the Country

  2. The Word Dictator only doesn’t express the Murderer Abiy Ahmed. He is more than just a Dictator; He is a Mafia, He is Murderer, He is a Wild, etc.

  3. Free jawar mohammed and Bekela Gerba opposition political leaders!
    More than 25000 innocent oromo peoples jalied in Oromia regional state. after deaths of Arts Hacalu Hundessa. To be free
    Abiy Ahmed must go his is mischief!
    harrassment walayta, sidama and any Ethnics!

  4. Any Country, Any Group to stand with Oromo girls & women fighting against official gang-rape & massacres orddered against them by t hge vFascist Abiy bAhmed & hius Military Government?

  5. Jawar Mohammed is a great minded person. His knowladge can even change the world. The reason for why Jawar is in jail is simply The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed hates politicians better than him. And because Jawar doesn’t accept Abiy’s genocide againist the Oromo people. That’s why he jailed Politicians like Jawar and so many others same to him and now leading the country into crisis.
    He should free them all.

  6. Free jawhar Muhammad and all oromo political prisoners , Abiy is a killer and doesn’t deserve the peace medal.

  7. Jawar did nothing wrong. He calmed down the people to act democratically and peacefully among each other and with the so called Ethiopian government. Jawar is brilliant modern politician. It is obvious that the current Ethiopian regime and Jawar are not matching in any way. Ethiopia need a people like Jawar, those think modern and be able to work with the civilized world. NO, to those old derg/minilik regime politicians those wants to pull the country back to 16th century. Justice for Jawar and all political prisoners. Justice for all.

  8. Jawar is arrested for nothing, he is hero who is standing for Equality, justice and freedom. On top of that he is innocent who was jailed by Ethiopian dictator. Free jawar Mohammed.

  9. See BIG lies here: “Mr Jawar, who was previously exiled in the US . . . , was detained last month by Ethiopian authorities.”

    So, he didn’t revoke his American citizenship?! He said that he returned home after he had revoked his American citizenship so that he might be involved in politics! Even the chairman of the party he’s involved in affirmed this! Whereas, the report above says the opposite.

    This’s the miniature of who Jawar is and what he claims to stand for: LIES!!

    Have the senators scrutinized the matter very closely? Have they studied about Jawar on his actions in Ethiopia? Did they try to check from different sources to have a fair perspective? What’d his videos convey? Hatred, animosity, divisions, internal displacements, killings, and finally cleansing be of service and religious others!

    Let alone these heinous crimes, did the senators know about dozens of savage killings of dozens of innocent lives in last October?

    Don’t they know that the recent mishaps in Ethiopia can be termed as genocide??? In addition, do the senators have any information on the destruction if property with of millions of dollars???

    Are there senators in favor of these injustices against millions of Ethiopian? Do these senators, who represent the emblem of democracy, endorse these savage killings???

    It’s a shame to read this report that is against the ideals of the United States of America!!!

    Come and visit, at least these towns (Shashemene, Ziway, and Arsi Negele) where Ethiopian saw the miniature of Syria!!! Come or send your delegates if you really care for Ethiopia and Ethiopians!

    My God bless Ethiopia!
    May God protect Ethiopia from people like Jawar who instigate division, animosity, and murder by ethic and religious othering.

  10. Jawar is a world class political scientist who engineered peaceful and nonviolent movement that ousted TPLF.
    He is a man of justice who struggles for genuine federalism to take root in a country with centuries of backward repressive system.

  11. Jawar is a perfect person of this time in Ethiopia who standstill for the unity of Ethiopian people. However Abiy Ahmed government and some nightmare wishers wants to difame him but this is impossible.
    The Truth will always privail millions of Ethiopian people are with Jawar Mohammed

  12. Jawar is the most iconic person that African has and struggle for the true federalism that serves all nation and nationalities of Ethiopia equally because he knows the ideology of all nations and nationalities of our country.But Jawar is only hated by mr Abiy and his some supporter because Jawar is the most intellectual and appreciable by so many peoples of the country in addition to this mr Abiy has a fear of Jawar will beat him in the coming national election that is why Abiy has arrested him without any crime and humane him in prison.Free Jawar Mohammed and all his followers please….senator!

  13. Jawar has been instigating violence in Ethiopia may not be directly but by his media program that has been spreading false truth that has made my country unstable and he has not been accountable for it for a long time.
    I know some consider him their hero or their speaker but most of them have some truth they know with history and a lot of unverified or false news that his media has been feeding them so please understand the situation more.
    And to be honest his followers need to see his past actions to understand he has never stood for all the nations nationalities of Ethiopia, he is trying to break it.

  14. Comment:Jawar is a poletical Icon for oromo public. His current detention by Ethiopian dictatorship is considered as elimination of Abiy’s strong poletical oponent.It is not all about rule of Law.

  15. Comment: Jawar Mohammed is the most uniquely intellect,Liberal who may serves not only ETHIOPIANS but whole Africa once he has succeeded its internal problem.

  16. Comment:#Free_Jawar_Mohammed
    and #free_all political prisoners. jawar is imprisoned without any crime committed couse,he has been working for democracy,equality of all nations and NATIONALITIES in Ethiopia. free jawar mohammead and misha chirri

  17. Jawar is a hero. It is humiliation and insult for an Oromo. He must be free. Of course, he will be free soon.

  18. AbiyAhmed is dictator & a killer oromo people hd us immediately removed our country.
    #freejawarmohamed&mishaa cirii

  19. Jawar Mohammed is in Prison cos of standing firm for Equality justice and freedom of Ethiopian nations nationalities and peoples! #freejawarmohammed


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