July 14, 2024

U.S. State Department Assistant Secretary Toloui Bolsters U.S.-Nigerian Ties, Spotlight on Creative Economy

Portrait of Ramin Toloui, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs under President Biden.
Portrait of Ramin Toloui, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs under President Biden.

Ramin Toloui, the U.S. Department of State Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs, concluded a four-day visit to Lagos on November 8 in a move to fortify partnerships between the United States and Nigeria.

His mission centered on exploring avenues for U.S. support in amplifying Nigeria’s flourishing creative sector, a pivotal force behind the nation’s economic growth and workforce development.

Assistant Secretary Toloui engaged in substantive discussions with government officials and key stakeholders within Nigeria’s dynamic creative industry. The focus of these deliberations was to identify collaborative opportunities that align with mutual interests in promoting African and Nigerian growth and development.

“I am here because the United States government seeks to strengthen partnerships and support the growth of Nigeria’s vibrant creative industry. I had the privilege to meet some of the remarkable individuals leading Nigeria’s creative sector, which has been fueled by surging global demand for Nigerian content. This growth creates jobs and drives innovation. At the same time, it underscores the importance of intellectual property protection within the creative sector. Our engagement across Africa, our infrastructure investments, and our collaboration with Nigeria reflect our shared dedication to advancing prosperity and development,” expressed Assistant Secretary Toloui.

The visit comes in the wake of the December 2022 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which underscored the United States’ commitment to expanding and deepening partnerships with African nations, institutions, and people. Assistant Secretary Toloui’s presence in Nigeria reaffirms this commitment, making him the latest senior U.S. official to visit the country with the aim of strengthening ties, promoting economic growth, and addressing shared challenges within the U.S.-Nigeria relationship.

These engagements encompass a wide array of sectors, including technology, energy, agriculture, healthcare, advocacy, investment, and entrepreneurship. The emphasis on the creative industry underscores its pivotal role in the economic landscape, as it not only generates employment but also fosters innovation. Assistant Secretary Toloui’s diplomatic efforts reflect a concerted push towards collaborative growth and development between the United States and Nigeria.

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