UN says 300,000 Africans to die from coronavirus


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  1. Hide Behind says:

    …..Faith in “Multilateralism”…….since the Europeans invented “multilateral ” the economic stratification as a seperation between those who wanna be and act white from 80% of their population which is truly multi-racial, religious, tribal, and family oriented has grown wider by the year.
    No true “Africa for Africans” between Nation States or even within them, as the seperation due to politics, usually caused and advantaged by foreign interest, has kept any chances of unity of purpose movements having any merit.
    While Euros and IN bureaucrats argue over how many nations are Africa there are over 30 of them with foreign armed and boots on ground militaries quelling what are in reality mini revolts by have bots against the haves.
    Almost every sovereign treasury has less funds in them than do foreign owned banks sitting in every capital city.
    No African States have formed solid trade blocs between themselves and the ones who pretend to do so are at “Mercy” of impositions by W.T.O. World Bank, and bull…..ing Euro/US/ISRAEL controlled UN do nothing bureaucrats, all who come from the “Have” society ranks.
    Why this is so should be left to those in Africa to straighten out, and with but only 300,000 dead and more gong from poverty into dire poverty will not change one damn thing.
    Buisness as usual.

  2. Patricia chineze says:

    Not from God

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