May 22, 2024

United States Upholds Human Rights and Tolerance in UN Security Council Resolution Vote

Jeffrey DeLaurentis
Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis, United States Senior Advisor for Special Political Affairs at the United Nations in New York City.

In a powerful address to the United Nations Security Council, Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis, the Acting Deputy Representative to the United Nations, reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to promoting human rights and tolerance as central pillars of international peace and security. Delivering his remarks following the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution on tolerance and international peace and security, Ambassador DeLaurentis emphasized the importance of protecting fundamental rights and freedoms in the face of increasing threats worldwide.

Highlighting the global context of eroding freedoms and escalating assaults on human rights, Ambassador DeLaurentis underscored the need for the Security Council to ensure that the resolution does not become a tool for governments to suppress dissent under the pretext of countering extremism or maintaining societal harmony. The United States staunchly believes that the protection of opinions, beliefs, and the freedoms of expression and religion must be upheld, even in the face of extremist ideologies.

Ambassador DeLaurentis acknowledged the UN’s efforts in addressing violent extremism and the crucial role of women’s leadership in preventing and resolving conflicts. He stressed that combatting extremism should be carried out in a manner consistent with applicable international law, further emphasizing the importance of respecting and vigorously protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The United States unequivocally opposes any attempts to stifle human rights, as it undermines the very vision of peace and security that the Security Council strives to achieve. Ambassador DeLaurentis reaffirmed the United States’ commitment to preventing the misuse of the resolution to justify the repression of human rights defenders, women, and girls, LGBTQI+ individuals, or any violation or abuse of human rights.

Furthermore, the Ambassador clarified that peaceful opposition to government policy, advocacy for addressing climate change, and exposing corruption should never be misconstrued as extremism. He called upon the Security Council to work diligently in addressing acts threatening peace and security while upholding human rights and fundamental freedoms, as only through this commitment can genuine tolerance be promoted.

In conclusion, Ambassador DeLaurentis expressed gratitude to the briefers and the President for convening the high-level briefing on the values of human fraternity in promoting and sustaining peace. He emphasized the necessity of open dialogue and working together to uphold universal human rights, foster tolerance, and counter religious intolerance and hatred.

The United States’ resolute commitment to the protection of human rights and the promotion of tolerance sends a strong message to the international community. With this resolution, the Security Council stands united in its determination to safeguard human rights, ensure the equal participation of women, and protect the rights of marginalized communities, including LGBTQI+ individuals. By upholding these principles, the world moves closer to the vision of a peaceful and inclusive society where every individual’s dignity and rights are respected.

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