June 20, 2024

US Ambassador Condemns Ongoing Fighting in Sudan, Calls for Ceasefire and Accountability

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations, briefs reporters on Democratic People's Republic of Korea’s recent ballistic missile launches.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield has condemned the ongoing fighting in Sudan, which has killed nearly 100 people, including three World Food Program employees, and threatens the security and safety of Sudanese civilians.

Speaking at a UN Security Council stakeout on April 17, 2023, she called on the Sudanese security services to end hostilities and renounce violence without preconditions, and to take active steps to reduce tensions and ensure the safety of all civilians, UN and other diplomatic personnel, and humanitarian workers.

Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield stressed that a ceasefire is the only way to resolve outstanding issues, ensure humanitarian access, and resume negotiations to put Sudan on the path toward a political deal. She also urged foreign actors to engage constructively and not further complicate the situation on the ground, and called for international diplomatic efforts to end the violence.

The US Ambassador called on the UN Security Council to demand an immediate end to the fighting and to support the efforts of the SRSG to secure agreements for a three-hour pause in fighting on April 16 and 17. She also emphasized the tragic impact of the violence on the World Food Program’s humanitarian operations, which have been temporarily halted following the death of multiple staff, looting of field vehicles, and damage to aircraft.

She called for accountability for anyone – including military or political actors – who attempts to undermine or delay Sudan’s democratic progress. She made a direct appeal to the security forces to put down their guns and start talking.

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