May 28, 2024

WARNING: Stormy Daniels Testifies in Trump’s Alleged Records Falsification Trial: Full Transcript Available

Following the start of jury selection in Donald Trump’s landmark records falsification trial, the New York state court system has begun posting daily transcripts of the proceedings on its website, including the complete transcript of testimony from porn actress Stormy Daniels on May 7, 2024. Here it is in full.


Hoffinger: Good morning, Ms. Daniels.

Daniels: Good morning.

Hoffinger: Have you also been known as Stephanie Clifford?

Daniels: Yes.

Hoffinger: Which name do you prefer we use here in court?

Daniels: Stormy Daniels.

Hoffinger: Are you testifying here today pursuant to a subpoena?

Daniels: Yes, I am.

Hoffinger: Without providing any specific names, can you tell the jury a little bit about your family?

Daniels: Sure. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My parents divorced when I was four, so I was raised mostly by my mom. Now I live in Florida with my partner, and I share custody of my young daughter with her dad.

Hoffinger: How long have you known your partner?

Daniels: I have known him for almost 25 years.

Hoffinger: Tell the jury a little bit about your life growing up in Louisiana.

Daniels: As I mentioned, my parents split up when I was four years old. We were a low-income family. My mom was a single working mom. I went to a private, very Christian elementary school that my dad paid for. Then I went to an engineering high school because I wanted to be a veterinarian and they had the best recommendation for college scholarships. I graduated in 1997 and received a full scholarship from Texas A&M for veterinary medicine, but I never actually went to college because I couldn’t afford all the costs.

Hoffinger: Did you participate in any clubs in high school?

Daniels: Yes, I was active in various clubs and took college-level classes while in high school.

Hoffinger: What did you do after high school?

Daniels: After high school, I took a year off to save money for college by working multiple jobs. During that time, I began working in the adult entertainment industry, which eventually became my primary career.

Hoffinger: Can you describe your career in the adult entertainment industry?

Daniels: Yes, I started as a dancer and then began performing in adult films. I also directed and produced films, and I became a well-known figure in the industry. I have won several awards for my work.

Hoffinger: How did you come to meet Donald Trump?

Daniels: I met him at a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe in July 2006.

Hoffinger: Can you describe the circumstances of your meeting?

Daniels: I was at the event as a guest, and we were introduced by a mutual acquaintance. Later that evening, we had dinner together.

Hoffinger: Did you have any further interactions with Mr. Trump that evening?

Daniels: Yes, we ended up spending the night together in his hotel room.

Hoffinger: Can you describe what happened that night?

Necheles: Objection, your Honor. This is irrelevant to the charges.

Court: Overruled. The witness may answer.

Daniels: We had a consensual sexual encounter that night.

Hoffinger: Did you have any further contact with Mr. Trump after that night?

Daniels: Yes, we kept in touch sporadically over the years. He invited me to events and we spoke on the phone a few times.

Hoffinger: Did Mr. Trump ever make any promises to you?

Daniels: Yes, he suggested that he could get me on his TV show “The Apprentice,” but nothing ever came of it.

Hoffinger: When did you next have significant contact with Mr. Trump?

Daniels: The next significant contact was in 2016, shortly before the presidential election, when I was approached about signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Hoffinger: Who approached you about the non-disclosure agreement?

Daniels: My attorney at the time, Keith Davidson, was contacted by Michael Cohen, Mr. Trump’s personal attorney.

Hoffinger: What were the terms of the agreement?

Daniels: I was offered $130,000 to keep silent about my affair with Mr. Trump.

Hoffinger: Did you accept the terms and sign the agreement?

Daniels: Yes, I did.

Hoffinger: Why did you decide to accept the agreement?

Daniels: I was worried about the potential impact on my career and my family. The money also provided financial security.

Hoffinger: Did you believe the agreement was legally binding?

Daniels: Yes, I believed it was a legally binding agreement.

Hoffinger: When did you first go public with your story about Mr. Trump?

Daniels: I went public in early 2018 after the existence of the agreement became widely known, and I felt that I needed to speak out.

Hoffinger: How did going public affect you?

Daniels: It brought a lot of media attention and scrutiny. There were both positive and negative impacts on my personal and professional life.

Hoffinger: Were you threatened in any way related to your decision to go public?

Daniels: Yes, I received threats and was harassed by various individuals.

Hoffinger: Can you provide specific examples of these threats?

Daniels: One instance was in 2011 when a man approached me in a parking lot, threatening me and my daughter if I didn’t keep quiet about the affair.

Necheles: Objection, your Honor. This is speculative and prejudicial.

Court: Overruled. The witness may answer.

Daniels: The man told me to “leave Trump alone” and that it would be a shame if something happened to my daughter.

Hoffinger: Did you report this threat to the authorities at the time?

Daniels: No, I didn’t. I was scared and didn’t know what to do.

Hoffinger: Did you later provide this information to any investigators?

Daniels: Yes, I told my story to federal investigators when they were looking into Michael Cohen’s activities.

Hoffinger: How has your life changed since going public with your story?

Daniels: My life has changed dramatically. I’ve faced a lot of public scrutiny, but I’ve also received support. My professional opportunities have shifted, and I’ve had to navigate the legal consequences of breaking the NDA.

Hoffinger: Do you regret going public with your story?

Daniels: No, I believe it was important to tell the truth and stand up for myself.

Hoffinger: Thank you, Ms. Daniels. No further questions.

Court: Cross-examination?

Blanche: Yes, your Honor.

Court: You may proceed.

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