Washington D.C. publisher trying to raise $1 million on Facebook has only raised $30

A Washington D.C. publisher trying to raise a million dollars via Facebook has only received $30 from two donations, including his.

Simon Ateba, the publisher of TODAY NEWS AFRICA, says his small publication based in Mount Pleasant in D.C. is in need of a million dollars. He says it has been heavily affected by the virus at a time when work has increased because of the pandemic.

He’s seeking to raise the money for his company and himself to report on the U.S. presidential election and increase reporting on the coronavirus pandemic and the economic fallout on tens of millions of people.

The fundraiser would end on November 4, the day after the presidential election.

On the amount he’s trying to raise, Simon said “I need all the help I can get now to do my job. The coronavirus pandemic has deeply affected our company, but this is the time we have to work harder, help people to come out of this nightmare.

“Yesterday, I was attending three press briefings on zoom at the same time. One from the WHO, another from the State Department and the last one from the IMF.

“One person cannot do all that job. I am exhausted and I need money to carry on. I do not need people to give me money when I am dead or if a cop shoots me. I need it now to contribute to the health emergency and economic solution of our time.

“The money would allow me to employ more hands and navigate this difficult time,” he added. You can donate to Simon here.

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