We are Nigerians and support Chinese doctors coming to help our country fight COVID-19, says anti-hate group in Nigeria

After due consultations with virologists, epidemiologists and security experts, we are in total support of the approval issued by the federal government to the Chinese medical specialists to assist in the fight against COVID-19. We must bracket the raging COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria, and any help is welcome, whether it be from the Chinese, the Americans, the Italians or any other nation. We must not politicise this pandemic, and we urge the federal government to ignore the calls from the ignorant, the misinformed and agents of disinformation.

We are witnessing attempts by international and local actors to weaponise this pandemic to achieve political goals, and we must ensure the interest of Nigeria remains paramount during this challenging period. We urge all Nigerians to seek what is in the best interest of our dear country because COVID-19 poses an unprecedented threat to our lives and our nation.

We know there have been mistakes made, but this is not the time to apportion blame or politicise the common threat we face. We are thankful for the assistance provided by Turkey, China and other nations thus far, and Nigeria requires all the support it can get to ensure that we do not experience the level of misery this virus has caused Italy, the United States, Spain, France and the United Kingdom.

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