What they are saying about President Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan

Senate Democrats on Saturday passed the American Rescue Plan, which is described by the White House as a critical next step in delivering urgent relief to the millions of American families and businesses in need.

“The package will deliver immediate relief to the American people — finishing the job on $2,000 checks, funding a national vaccination program, extending unemployment insurance, and providing the resources for schools to safely re-open. As the country faces the grave economic and public health crises, this historic legislation will create 7 million new jobs, cut child poverty in half, make health care more affordable, and save lives and livelihoods. President Biden and Congressional Democrats have sent a clear signal to the American people that the government once again works for the people,” the White House said.

Here’s what they are saying about the American Rescue Plan:

President Joe Biden: “When I took office, I promised help was on the way. Thanks to @SenSchumer and Senate Democrats, we’ve taken one more giant step forward in delivering on that promise. I hope the American Rescue Plan receives a quick passage in the House so it can be sent to my desk to be signed.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Vice President Kamala Harris: “Thank you to the Senators who voted to pass the American Rescue Plan. Your vote gets us a step closer to giving millions of Americans the relief they need and deserve. We look forward to seeing the bill pass in the House and get to @POTUS’ desk for signature. Help is on the way.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
President Barack Obama: “Elections matter—and we’re seeing why. Congratulations to the Biden Administration and to the American people on a COVID relief bill that will improve the lives of families across the country. This landmark legislation will help families pay rent and put food on the table, lift millions of children out of poverty, make health care more affordable, aid small businesses, fund broad-based vaccination efforts, and make it easier for states to reopen schools. This is the kind of progress that’s possible when we elect leaders across government who are devoted to making people’s lives better—and a reminder of why it’s so important to vote.” [Tweet Thread, 3/6/21]
Secretary Hillary Clinton: “The American Rescue Plan is one of the most ambitious pieces of legislation in a generation. It will materially help families in dire need. It will help end this pandemic. It will cut child poverty in half. Lots more to do. But let’s celebrate this hard-fought progress.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Congressional Leaders

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer: “BREAKING: Senate Democrats just passed the American Rescue Plan and big, bold COVID relief for people across this country. Senate Democrats made a promise to the American people to deliver the bold COVID relief they need, and we have fulfilled that promise with the #AmericanRescuePlan. Americans demanded help, and Democrats promised to get it to them: For families and people, For those who lost their job through no fault of their own, For food, rent, utilities, For small businesses, For the vaccine. With the #AmericanRescuePlan: More help is on the way.” [TweetTweetTweet, 3/6/21]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: “Today is a day of great progress and promise for the American people, as the Democratic Senate has passed President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to save lives and livelihoods.  The House now hopes to have a bipartisan vote on this life-saving legislation and urges Republicans to join us in recognition of the devastating reality of this vicious virus and economic crisis and of the need for decisive action. The American Rescue Plan takes a tremendous step forward to defeat the virus and provide relief to families and small businesses in need.  It honors our heroes – our health care workers, food, sanitation and transportation workers, and teachers – who are on the frontlines on the state and local level.  It crushes the virus with the equitable and immediate distribution of the vaccine.  And it puts our children safely back in school and puts workers back on the job.  Overall, this coronavirus-centric legislation puts nearly a trillion dollars in the pockets of America’s families. The American Rescue Plan is a beacon of hope for America’s families and a sign that, as President Biden has promised: Help Is On The Way.” [Press Release, 3/6/21]
Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin: “President Biden’s American Rescue plan will improve Illinois’ public health and jumpstart our economy by investing billions of federal dollars in our state.  I was proud to help secure provisions with Senator Duckworth to ramp up vaccine distribution efforts; provide a lifeline to workers, small businesses, and families; avoid devastating cuts in state and local government operations; get our kids back to school safely; and much more. We are close to finally putting this pandemic behind us.” [Press Release, 3/6/21]
House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer: “The Senate has now passed President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to provide long-awaited relief to Americans suffering from the economic impacts of COVID-19 and to boost our capacity to save lives by ramping up the deployment of testing and vaccines. The help that so many of our people have been waiting for during months of Republican inaction is one step closer. On Tuesday, the House will consider the Senate’s amended version of the American Rescue Plan, so that we can send this bill to President Biden for his signature early next week. Democrats are delivering on our promise to take action to defeat this virus and provide the assistance the American people need until our economy can reopen safely and fully.” [Press Release, 3/6/21]
House Majority Whip James Clyburn: “With Senate passage of the American Rescue Plan, we are days away from a major step toward ending the pandemic through vaccines, testing & tracing; providing a financial lifeline to families, businesses & communities; and reopening schools safely. Help is on the way!” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Members of the Cabinet

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen: With the Senate’s vote on the America Rescue Plan, the bill is one step closer to passage. Once the plan is signed into law, I am confident that Americans will be met by a strong economy when we make it to the other side of the pandemic.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo: Thank you senators for your swift action on the American Rescue Plan. It will create millions of good-paying jobs, support small businesses, & help grow a more equitable economy. We must continue acting with the urgency this moment demands. There is no time to slow down.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Education Secretary Miguel Cardona: “The Senate passage of @POTUS’s American Rescue Plan is a huge step in helping get students back into the classroom for in-person learning. @usedgov will work closely with leaders on the ground to ensure we reopen schools as quickly and safely as possible — and keep them open.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm: “Mr. President — thank you so much for your leadership, your compassion, and your ability to deliver relief for the American people.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack: “I am grateful to the U.S. Senate for passing the American Rescue Plan today to bring much-needed nutrition assistance and financial relief to millions of families struggling to pay the bills and put healthy food on the table. President Biden made this transformative piece of legislation his first priority upon taking office, and he fulfilled his pledge to the American people. If you’re a mother or father struggling to get by, who didn’t always know when or where the next meal would come from, you will rest easier tonight knowing help is on the way. The bill not only boosts SNAP benefits through September, it also increases targeted nutrition assistance to mothers and young children and expedites more nutrition aid to U.S. territories…The American Rescue Plan is historic for other reasons, namely for the transformative debt relief it provides to Black, Indigenous, Hispanic, and other farmers of color…The American Rescue Plan ensures that we get the economy on track for everyone, especially those who have been marginalized, who are hurting, who have been overlooked or shut out in the past. The U.S. Department of Agriculture stands ready to implement these important provisions once the bill clears Congress and is signed into law by President Biden.” [Statement, 3/6/21]

Clarence Anthony, National League of Cities (NLC) CEO and Executive Director: “We applaud the Senate for committing much-needed $65 billon of direct aid to all municipalities to help our communities recover and rebuild from the devastation caused by COVID-19. Today’s vote is an important acknowledgement of the urgency with which we all must work to ensure our municipalities have the resources to put an end to the pandemic. In particular, our nation’s small municipalities – which have been passed over in all previous federal relief packages – will finally be able to secure the direct relief they need to ensure critical local services can continue during this critical moment. As the American Rescue Plan makes its way back to the House of Representatives, and ultimately to President Biden’s desk, we urge lawmakers to preserve the essential aid they have secured for our local governments on the front lines. Throughout this pandemic, our community leaders, first responders and members of our critical local workforce have worked tirelessly to protect our communities from COVID-19, and we implore Congress and the President to ensure their sacrifices are met with a steadfast commitment to supporting our hometowns now and throughout our nation’s economic recovery.”

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, President, United State Conference of Mayors (USCM): “Mayors everywhere thank the Senate and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for passing the American Rescue Plan and delivering hope to the millions of Americans who are hurting during this pandemic. We are especially grateful to Senator Schumer for his leadership in restoring the full funding for local governments that was approved by the House. We know we have a challenging road ahead, but this legislation will pave the way for America’s recovery from the worst public health crisis in a generation. This bill will allow our cities to keep our residents healthy, provide essential services, keep our first responders on the job, and begin to unleash the full power of the American economy. With this legislation, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel. America’s mayors thank President Biden for his bold leadership to defeat this virus and rescue our economy. We look forward to the House passing the bill under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi and seeing the President sign this critical legislation into law.” [Press Release, 3/6/21]
Matthew Chase, Executive Director, National Association of Counties (NACo): “We applaud the House and now the Senate for passing the State and Local Coronavirus Fiscal Recovery Funds. This bill recognizes counties’ vast responsibilities to care for our most vulnerable residents – our sick, unemployed, elderly and youth. For too long, the pressing challenges and needs facing our counties have outstripped our depleted local resources. The passage of this bill affirms a strong federal-state-local partnership, an investment in counties on the front lines and a commitment to defeating this pandemic together. While counties face record demand for essential services, we have shed jobs at rates far outpacing the rest of the economy. Even as the nation’s economy inches toward recovery, one in every 10 jobs yet to be recovered is from our local governments. The American Rescue Plan advances us on the road to recovery, honors our frontline heroes, and equips us to help end the pandemic and drive economic recovery. With the critical aid in this bill, we will now be able to strengthen our communities by investing in small businesses and nonprofits, vaccine distribution, public health and safety, human services, especially for those suffering from domestic violence, mental illnesses and substance use disorders, and much-needed infrastructure, including broadband. We look forward to the final passage in the House and the President signing the bill into law. We thank Leader Schumer, Speaker Pelosi and President Biden for their leadership in support of counties. We are poised to move forward and ultimately end this devastating pandemic together.” [Press Release, 3/6/20]
Erika Polmar, Executive Director, Independent Restaurant Coalition: “This is a decisive moment for the independent restaurant and bar community. Independent restaurants and bars came together at the beginning of the pandemic with the hope that by working together for the first time, our industry could make a big impact – and that’s what we did. We proposed a grant program for restaurants, educated our elected officials about the industry, built a movement, and today we are proudly watching Congress send our plan to President Biden’s desk.  We are grateful to those in Congress who made saving restaurants and bars a priority in this relief package including Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Schumer, Reps. Blumenauer and Fitzpatrick, and Sens. Wicker and Sinema. These leaders know this is only a downpayment, and will not stop fighting for neighborhood restaurants and bars to receive the relief they need in the months ahead.” [Press Release, 3/6/21]
Jim Hoffa, General President, Teamsters: “For more than two decades, Teamster members, retirees and officials have worked tirelessly to make sure the hard-earned retirements of its members are protected,” Hoffa said. “Now, as part of this bill, more than 50 Teamster pension plans – including its largest, the Central States Pension Fund – will be eligible for assistance at the outset of the bill’s enactment, with more of the union’s plans becoming eligible in 2022.” [Press Release, 3/6/21]
Lee Saunders, President, AFSCME: “Over the past year, our nation’s mettle has truly been tested. Since the first day COVID-19 began battering our communities, public service workers – our nurses, first responders, sanitation workers, child care providers, public safety workers and so many more – have been on the front lines, putting their lives at risk to beat back this pandemic. Yet for a year, the Senate and the president did nothing to get our states, cities, counties and schools the kind of aid needed to maintain public services, as nearly 1.4 million of these front-line heroes lost their jobs. With a new president and new leadership in the United States Senate, help is finally on the way for these everyday heroes whose work and expertise are needed now more than ever to crush this virus. AFSCME members fought for the American Rescue Plan not just to beat COVID-19, but to jolt our economy by ensuring struggling families keep their health insurance and receive a boost in unemployment insurance as well as direct checks to help make ends meet. We thank Senator Schumer for his leadership and call on Congress to get a bill to President Biden’s desk, so we can finally fund the front lines.” [Press Release, 3/6/21]
Matthew Shay, President and CEO, National Retail Federation: “Ensuring that the American people are given the opportunity to quickly and safely get vaccinated against COVID-19 is the most critical component of the legislation passed today by the Senate. We encourage the House to move quickly so that the President can sign this signature piece of legislation into law. The retail industry has been front and center throughout this crisis and remains engaged by providing vaccines to employees and consumers in communities they serve across the country. While this legislation adds to the historic and unprecedented level of fiscal stimulus enacted during the past year, we continue to encourage targeted and temporary fiscal support for those families, small businesses and job creators hardest hit by the pandemic.” [Press Release, 3/6/21]

Jason Oxman, President and CEO, Information Technology Industry Council: “Digital technology will be essential to ensuring that the U.S. is more resilient as it recovers from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact. The American Rescue Plan emphasizes the importance of modernizing federal information technology and bolstering governments’ cybersecurity. These investments in technology infrastructure and tools are an important down payment on helping to deliver modern and secure citizen services and critical networks. We commend the U.S. Senate for prioritizing this vital need and urge the U.S. House of Representatives to approve the measure.” [Statement, 3/6/21]

Chip Rogers, President and CEO, American Hotel & Lodging Association: “The American Rescue plan is a vital step forward in helping small businesses stay open and protecting jobs. It contains many necessary provisions AHLA has advocated for to help put the hotel industry back on a path to recovery. We applaud President Joe Biden for recognizing that small businesses need more help to get through this difficult time and we urge Congress to act immediately. By bolstering the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and allocating grants to hard hit small businesses, including the leisure and hospitality sector, this legislation will serve as a critical lifeline for hotels and other businesses that have been decimated by the pandemic.” [Statement, 3/6/21]

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont: “The Senate has now joined the House in passing the Rescue Plan, which would bring significant federal resources to support our state, our municipalities, and schools and universities. This plan will make sure that Connecticut has the opportunity to build back better.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Illinois Governor JB Pritzker: “After dealing with financial and health crises for over a year, families across Illinois and America need real relief. That’s exactly what President Joe Biden and Congress have finally provided with the newly-passed American Rescue Plan.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Governor Tom Wolf: Thank you to @SenBobCasey and all the federal lawmakers who pushed for the #AmericanRescuePlan. Desperately needed aid is on the way for families, businesses and communities in Pennsylvania. And additional funding in the plan will also allow us to scale up vaccine rollout.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]

Mayor Andy Ginther of Columbus, Ohio: “This is a big step toward getting relief into the hands of the people. Now a swift passage by the House is necessary.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Mayor Robert Garcia of Long Beach, California: “A huge thank you to @POTUS Biden for proposing and getting the #AmericanRescuePlan done. You made a commitment to American cities and you delivered. We can now get to work on real recovery and build back better.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Mayor Regina Romero of Tucson, Arizona: “Thank you @SenatorSinema and @SenMarkKelly for your advocacy to advance the #AmericanRescuePlan! This legislation is absolutely critical to providing much needed relief to small businesses, workers and families, and local governments.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Mayor Todd Gloria of San Diego, California:https://twitter.com/MayorToddGloria/status/1368278489044983808?s=20
This is great news for San Diego. We are one step closer to getting much-needed relief to jumpstart our recovery and help our struggling neighbors. Thank you @SenFeinstein and @SenAlexPadilla for advocating for this support. I urge the House to swiftly pass this critical package.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Mayor Rosalynn Bliss of Grand Rapids, Michigan: “Great news for GR and cities across the country. Thank you @SenGaryPeters@SenStabenow@POTUS” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland, Oregon: “Mayors across the nation applaud the Senate’s support for the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which includes critical relief for households and businesses and support for cities and counties to help their people and communities.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]

Georgia Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock:
“BREAKING NEWS: The Senate just passed the #AmericanRescuePlan! After months of waiting for substantive federal relief, this bold legislation was exactly what Georgians had in mind when they sent me to the Senate—and thanks to Georgians, we’re finally getting it done.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders: “The American Rescue Plan is the most significant piece of legislation to benefit working people in the modern history of this country.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren: “The American Rescue Plan will make a real difference to get more Americans vaccinated, safely reopen our schools, and help struggling families make ends meet. I’m going to keep fighting for more relief, and to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour—because our work is not done.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Delaware Senator Chris Coon: “In the #AmericanRescuePlan, I fought for $1 billion to bolster @AmeriCorps’ engagement on COVID-19 — from tutoring students to combat learning loss to expanding capacity at food banks and handling logistics at vaccination centers. With this @AmeriCorps funding, we can empower thousands of Americans who want to serve their communities while meeting a host of urgent needs. This investment is a down payment on our recovery that will enable us to emerge stronger than ever. #AmericanRescuePlan” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy: “Little noticed but super important provision of the #AmericanRescuePlan: It dramatically lowers premiums for ACA health plans. Caps premiums at 8% of income, no premiums for anyone 150% of poverty or below. That’s HUGE. And so important in the middle of the pandemic.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth: “Fact: 76% of Americans, including 60% of Republicans, support the American Rescue Plan. Fact: Not 1 Republican Senator voted for the bill. Fact: Democrats just approved:

  • $1,400 direct payments
  • Extended UI benefits
  • Rental assistance
  • Quicker vaccine distribution” [Tweet, 3/6/21]

Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto: “Help is on the way. We just passed an emergency relief package that will deliver for Nevadans and all Americans who are struggling. Read my statement on the passage of the American Rescue Plan.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown: “The American Rescue Plan has PASSED. Democrats promised: Shots in people’s arms Money in people’s pockets Children in schools Workers in jobs We’re following through on that promise.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Virginia Senator Mark Warner: “It’s a new day, and the vote continues on the #AmericanRescuePlan. No matter how long it takes, we will get this done.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley:  “Good news, America: Relief is finally on the way. The American Rescue Plan is going to put money in people’s pockets, vaccines in their arms, kids in classrooms, and open signs on Main Street businesses. And it’s not a moment too soon…Today’s vote means that kind of relief is finally within sight—including stimulus checks; extended unemployment insurance for the 20 million Americans who are relying on the program and would otherwise lose it at the end of next week; resources local governments need to provide vital services; support for our frontline workers and Main Streets; resources to safely help get students back in the classroom; and a national strategy to make testing easier and vaccines distributed as quickly as possible…” [Statement, 3/6/21]
New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez: “Today, Senate Democrats delivered on our promise to act boldly and swiftly to end this pandemic and send relief to the families, communities and businesses hit hardest by COVID-19. The American Rescue Plan will put the United States on a path to defeat this virus once and for all and restore opportunity in our economy for hardworking families all across the nation. With this legislation, we have set the stage for the Biden Administration to launch an aggressive national vaccination campaign critical, not only to saving lives, but ultimately to restoring the sense of normalcy families crave in every corner of this country.” [Statement, 3/6/21] 

Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy: “… This afternoon, the Senate met this crisis by passing bold and urgently needed relief that was long overdue. While the distribution of vaccines has finally begun to turn the page on the pandemic, this crisis is far from over, and the American Rescue Plan will provide the resources we need in the weeks and months ahead.  It provides new resources to state and local governments, supports vaccine distribution, invests in students’ safety, provides a targeted round of additional support directly to qualifying Americans, and includes a needed extension of unemployment benefits for the millions of people who are still out of work through no fault of their own…The American Rescue Plan supports American families in every corner of the United States – whether those states are represented by Republicans in the Senate, or by Democrats.  All will benefit from this bold plan.” [Statement, 3/6/21]
Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz: “Because we won the 2020 elections we are passing this enormously popular, sweepingly progressive, and urgently needed bill. People are still vastly underestimating the positive impact that the American Rescue Plan will have in communities across our country.” [Tweet,3/6/21]
New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: “We’re facing a hunger crisis across America. The American Rescue Plan will extend emergency SNAP assistance and the Pandemic EBT program. And I successfully pushed for increased WIC vouchers for mothers and children and $1 billion in nutrition assistance to Puerto Rico.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: I am proud to stand with Democrats in the House and Senate in support of the American Rescue Plan. It is a far-reaching and long-overdue bill large enough to meet this historic moment and set families, small businesses, and our country on the road to recovery.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]  


Congressmember Val Demings: “We can’t call teachers “heroes” while ignoring what they say. They need emergency resources to make their classrooms safe to teach. We need the #AmericanRescuePlan to get children back to school and keep them and school staff safe.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Congressmember Joe Neguse: “President Biden’s American Rescue Plan will cut childhood poverty in the United States in half. #ForThePeople” [Tweet, 3/6/21]
Congressmember Madeline Dean: “Americans from *both* parties support the #AmericanRescuePlan to get:

  • Money in pockets
  • Shots in arms
  • Children in schools
  • Aid for State and Local Govts

Help is on the way.” [Tweet, 3/6/21]

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