White House chief climate advisor meets with leaders in oil and gas industry

President Biden’s lead climate advisor, Gina McCarthy, on Monday, discussed plans for collaboration on the climate crisis during a White House meeting with leaders in the oil and gas industry.

The climate is seeing more extreme weather than ever before, including wildfires, hotter summers, colder winters, and extreme floods. The push for environmental initiatives is becoming more mainstream and now Biden wants to include long-time rivals of the environmental movement into the conversation.

Americans in rural areas, who are dependent on jobs in oil and gas became more apprehensive about the movement toward green energy since the power outages in Texas last month. Conservatives spread disinformation, saying that frozen solar panels and wind turbines were to blame.

This disjointed attitude about climate change is largely due to oil and gas companies not taking responsibility for their part in the crisis. In the convened meeting, McCarthy discussed the shared priorities between the Biden administration and oil and gas businesses in providing good jobs in clean energy and the critical importance of taking climate change seriously.

McCarthy asked participants to share their commitments in tackling climate change, including reducing carbon emissions while still supporting job creation. It is not about fighting oil and gas industries, but rather working together to move manufacturing and fuel industries towards more sustainable technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immense negative impact on the economy. This push for new jobs in green energy during the downturn of the economy could redirect industries to move in the right direction as the economy improves again.

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