Woman accuses former Rwanda’s UN Ambassador of raping her twice in New York

A Rwandan woman has filed a lawsuit against Eugene-Richard Gasana, a former Rwandan Ambassador to the United Nations and president of the Security Council in 2014.

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In her lawsuit, the woman alleged that Gasana raped her twice in a Manhattan hotel when she was 21 years old while working as a summer intern for the UN.

The 56-year-old former UN representative, who has since been removed from his position, allegedly assaulted the woman on two different occasions between June and July of that year, her suit says, according to The New York Daily Post.

Accordingto the New York Daily Post, “Gasana first invited the victim to the Millennium Hilton Hotel — or One UN Plaza — for dinner and eventually convinced her to go upstairs to what looked like a meeting room, but turned out to have a bedroom behind it, according to the court papers.

“There, the hulking 6-foot-5, 250-pound man allegedly raped the 5’3’’, 135-pound woman. But she didn’t report him because she was “too terrified” and feared that Gasana “would harm her or take action against her family back in Rwanda,” the suit says. The woman also knew he had diplomatic immunity.

“Weeks later, Gasana targeted her yet again — with the second alleged rape going down on July 11.

It was not immediately clear why the woman waited until now to file the lawsuit”.

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