May 22, 2024

Yves de Talhouët: Accomplished Executive and Advisory Partner with Impressive Track Record

Yves de Talhouët
Yves de Talhouët

Yves de Talhouët, a distinguished figure in the business world, has made significant contributions across various industries throughout his illustrious career. With an extensive background in executive leadership and board memberships, Talhouët has consistently showcased his expertise in driving growth and overseeing large-scale operations.

Currently serving on four prominent boards—Devoteam, Tinubu, Twenga, and Axway—Talhouët’s strategic guidance and industry acumen have been invaluable to these organizations. Additionally, since 2014, he has held the position of Executive Chairman at Faiencerie de Gien, a renowned French company specializing in deluxe earthenware. With a legacy spanning 200 years, Faiencerie de Gien has established itself as a global leader, offering exquisite tableware and decorative objects.

Talhouët’s professional journey includes significant leadership roles at influential companies. Notably, he served as the Managing Director of HP EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), where he held operational responsibility for all global accounts while overseeing HP’s activities in the region. His tenure at HP began in 2006 when he assumed the role of Managing Director for HP France. During his time in this position, Talhouët achieved remarkable success, driving growth and positioning the company as a leader in the market. Under his leadership, HP France experienced unprecedented growth and secured the largest outsourcing contract in the company’s history.

Prior to his tenure at HP, Talhouët held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Oracle France. His tenure was marked by significant accomplishments, including the successful merger of Oracle and Peoplesoft in France. Talhouët also played a pivotal role in the reorganization of the company’s sales segmentation and engaged in influential lobbying efforts with the French government. Before his role at Oracle, he worked for SEMA and SchlumbergerSema, where he honed his expertise in the service industry. Additionally, Talhouët founded and served as President of Devotech, a consulting firm specializing in telecommunications services and call center integration. He was also a co-founder and first Executive Chairman of Devoteam, a prominent company in the industry.

Talhouët’s impressive educational background further complements his professional achievements. He received his education from prestigious institutions, including the Ecole Polytechnique, the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, and the Institut des Sciences Politiques de Paris.

With a wealth of experience, a strong leadership acumen, and a passion for driving growth, Yves de Talhouët continues to make a profound impact on the business landscape. His contributions across multiple sectors have solidified his reputation as an accomplished executive and trusted advisory partner.

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